This winter get intergeneration inspiration from abroad

Intergenerational projects have been on the rise all over the world and are needed in Scotland to tackle a wide range of educational, environmental and housing issues. They can also help to bring people of different backgrounds together, as well as tackling loneliness.

Are you interested in intergenerational projects that connect older and younger people together, but don’t know how to start your own? In need of inspiration? Generations Working Together is excited to bring you a new campaign that will showcase inspirational intergenerational projects from abroad to inspire you to start something new in the New Year. We will be uploading interviews, stories, and photos from intergenerational projects all over the world. Using the hashtag #gwtinspiration you can follow the campaign and ask us any questions you may have.

We will be highlighting key questions people have when starting an intergenerational project. For example, how to recruit volunteers or deal with funding shortages and will speak to projects in Denmark, Germany, America and more. At the moment we are still looking for organisations around the world that would like to participate. If you know of any that may be of interest that are running an intergenerational project please let us know by e-mailing Kate (Communications and Policy Assistant).

5th January 2018