Spirit of the Games

The Sporting Memories Foundation has created a set of easy-to-follow activities to help unite generations through the power of sport. All the activities are designed to be inclusive so young people can engage with older people – especially those living with conditions like dementia and depression, or who are isolated or lonely.

There is something for young people of all ages to get involved with, from grandparents to older people in their local communities. Sport provides the common currency whether through sharing sporting memories, discovering the history and heritage of a local sports club, or helping facilitate inclusive sports for older people.

The project takes inspiration from the 2012 Games and has the support of the Spirit of 2012 Trust and funding from the Big Lottery. Debbie Lye Chief Executive of Spirit of 2012 says: “By bringing generations together, bonding and forming ties over our collective memories of the incredible summer of sport in 2012, we use the spirit of the Games to enrich people’s lives. We believe that, with the right support, the spark from events such as London 2012 can improve the health and well-being of people far into the future.”