Our Partners

Check out our Partners.
  • Age Scotland

    Age Scotland is the leading charity for all older people in Scotland. They campaign, research and fundraise to make sure they build a better life for everyone in later life.

  • Generations Together Wales

    Funded by the Welsh Assembly Government, Generations Together Wales is a joint partnership initiative between the Beth Johnson Foundation and CSV Cymru.

  • Linking Generations - Northern Ireland

    This initiative promotes and supports the development of Intergenerational Practice across the region providing opportunities for older and younger people to meet and learn from each other.

  • The Soil Association Sharing Food for Life Get Togethers

    Food for Life Get Togethers is a new programme, created to transform our food culture, unite communities, create meaningful relationships between generations and unlock the power of good food for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Working with six partners including GWT, the project will give communities the chance to come together through special events and social hubs that promote growing, cooking and eating healthy food.

  • University of Granada-Enterprise General Foundation

    Over the past few years GWT has built a strong working relationships with Dr. Mariano Sánchez, Macrosad Chair in Intergenerational Studies at the University of Granada, Spain. Together we deliver a six week online Intergenerational training "course(external)":https://generationsworkingtogether.org/events-training/training/icil for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of intergenerational work, its purpose, impact and practical application to enable them to apply this within their own work.