Case Studies: 2017

Case studies 2017
  • Govan Intergenerational Project - Craft Cafe

    The aim of this project was to tackle stereotypes held by different age groups in one community of Govan by helping to build bonds between the generations through participating in arts workshops.

  • The Balhousie Link - Balhousie Primary School paired partnership with Balhousie Care Home

    Balhousie Primary School has a catchment area with high unemployment, single parent families as well as a very large proportion of children from Europe with over 50% having English as their second language. As a result of these factors, children frequently have no connection, bond or any form of communication with their grandparents or elderly as those members are not living locally.

  • Back to Life

    Back to Life brings seven children each week from Newbyres Nursery to visit residents at Newbyres Village Care Home. Since September 2016 they have undertaken a wide range of activities which include indoor sports, baking, crafts and songs. There are also weekly visits to the Village and plans to do outdoor activities during the summer.

  • T in the Street

    Organisers from a pilot project called 'T in the Street', witnessed and evidenced the positive impact that the project had on both the young and older people involved.

  • Getting to Know Your Techno

    A number of older people in a very rural community in the Highlands of Scotland expressed a need for support in using digital technology

  • Learn Together Cymru

    Children in Wales are not performing as well as other UK children and are, on average, poorer. Poverty is linked with poor literacy which in children is linked with reduced economic, social and health outcomes in later life.

  • Old School, Oxford Academy

    There are significant issues faced by adolescents and the senior members of the community and many of these are common to both groups. The Oxfordshire health inequalities commission report from October 2016 states wards in our local area (Blackbird Leys, Rose Hill) are in the top 10% most deprived in the country despite overall prosperity in the county. There is also a significant issue with loneliness affecting older people within urban areas of the county.

  • Digital Age Project

    Digital and social exclusion is a big problem for older people. Many services are moving online and older people are missing out on opportunities to connect with friends and family through Digital Technology. This project based in Northern Ireland focused on promoting the social inclusion of older people in sheltered accommodation settings through the use of Digital Technology.

  • Celebrating Age

    Linking Generations Northern Ireland aims to reach out to groups and organisations across Northern Ireland to encourage them to bring generations together in their own individual settings. Our interest is to raise awareness of intergenerational practice, inspiring and supporting others to join us in bringing generations together and in tackling loneliness and social isolation of older people.

  • Glasgow Intergenerational Mentoring Network

    This project focused on young people living in the most disadvantaged ares of Glasgow who were interested in entering higher education but who may not have had access to the necessary knowledge and advice in order to realise there aspiration.

  • Life Story

    What happens when high school pupils work with older adults with dementia on their life story book?

  • Physical Activity Project in Care Homes

    Perth College (University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)) HND Fitness, Health and Exercise students have been involved in an exciting project for the last 3 years, teaching a 12 week exercise programme to residents in Perth Care Homes.