Case Studies: Archive

Case studies archive
  • Govan Intergenerational Project - Craft Cafe

    The aim of this project was to tackle stereotypes held by different age groups in one community of Govan by helping to build bonds between the generations through participating in arts workshops.

  • The Balhousie Link - Balhousie Primary School paired partnership with Balhousie Care Home

    Balhousie Primary School has a catchment area with high unemployment, single parent families as well as a very large proportion of children from Europe with over 50% having English as their second language. As a result of these factors, children frequently have no connection, bond or any form of communication with their grandparents or elderly as those members are not living locally.

  • Retired Engineers Inspiring the Next Generation

    A recent report from the Royal Academy of Engineering has highlighted a shortage in engineers, with an estimated 1 million new engineers and technicians needed by 2020.

  • Back to Life

    Back to Life brings seven children each week from Newbyres Nursery to visit residents at Newbyres Village Care Home. Since September 2016 they have undertaken a wide range of activities which include indoor sports, baking, crafts and songs. There are also weekly visits to the Village and plans to do outdoor activities during the summer.

  • T in the Street

    Organisers from a pilot project called 'T in the Street', witnessed and evidenced the positive impact that the project had on both the young and older people involved.

  • Silver City Surfers’ Schools Squad: Ferryhill

    There are two thirds of over 75s who do not use the internet and 99% of teenagers who do.

  • Silver Games 2016

    Improving the quality of life in our community and proving that four generations can work together successfully and without fear.

  • Getting to Know Your Techno

    A number of older people in a very rural community in the Highlands of Scotland expressed a need for support in using digital technology

  • Walking Football

    'Walking Football' is an ongoing intergenerational project.

  • Learn Together Cymru

    Children in Wales are not performing as well as other UK children and are, on average, poorer. Poverty is linked with poor literacy which in children is linked with reduced economic, social and health outcomes in later life.

  • Old School, Oxford Academy

    There are significant issues faced by adolescents and the senior members of the community and many of these are common to both groups. The Oxfordshire health inequalities commission report from October 2016 states wards in our local area (Blackbird Leys, Rose Hill) are in the top 10% most deprived in the country despite overall prosperity in the county. There is also a significant issue with loneliness affecting older people within urban areas of the county.

  • South Perth Community Partnership and Perth High School IT Project

    The aim was to bring together Perth High School pupils and members of the South Perth community to engage in a project and share relevant skills. School pupils shared knowledge relating to new technologies, social media and IT whilst the community members shared skills in baking and craft making.

  • Digital Age Project

    Digital and social exclusion is a big problem for older people. Many services are moving online and older people are missing out on opportunities to connect with friends and family through Digital Technology. This project based in Northern Ireland focused on promoting the social inclusion of older people in sheltered accommodation settings through the use of Digital Technology.

  • Intergenerational Music Project

    The aim of this project was to introduce targeted pupils from Carrick Academy to residents of South Lodge Residential Home and give them the opportunity to sit down and have a discussion about the different types of music they listened to when they were younger.

  • Celebrating Age

    Linking Generations Northern Ireland aims to reach out to groups and organisations across Northern Ireland to encourage them to bring generations together in their own individual settings. Our interest is to raise awareness of intergenerational practice, inspiring and supporting others to join us in bringing generations together and in tackling loneliness and social isolation of older people.

  • Grandbuddies Project

    Discovering how many of our traits and characteristics are inherited from family.

  • Place, Work, Folk: Our Legacy Their Future

    Young people are an audience that has traditionally been neglected by the planning system and in the development of places in general. In the focus areas of our project, generally areas of high unemployment and poverty, traditional cultural/heritage issues in particular have often seen as at best irrelevant and at worst dismissive and detrimental to the needs and wishes of local communities and their own culture/heritage.

  • International Women’s Day 2014

    The purpose of the project was to gather three generations of families together to celebrate their relationships and enjoy participating in a variety of activities including photography, yoga, bollywood dancing and arts n crafts.

  • Richer by Rationing

    To reduce waste by raising awareness of the environmental and economic impact of food waste

  • LIST (Leveraging the Digital & ICT Competences of Senior Women to Extenuate the Knowledge Divide)

    Female participation in lifelong learning activities together with an increase in the digital divide has become a concerning issue across Europe. The LIST project aims to address women who may be at risk of exclusion from the information society due to age, level of education and economic status.

  • All Sorts: Games for All

    This project was to bring younger and older people together to share experiences of toys and games from childhood – whether that childhood was from the previous year or the previous century. Using this common ground the individuals would learn to appreciate the different points of view of a different generation.

  • Stories of paper-making in Linlithgow: intergenerational project

    This project aimed to explore the working and social life in Linlithgow connected with the local paper mills. The project also collected oral history records and photographs of mill life, which are now available to the wider community through West Lothian Local History Library.

  • New Spin Intergenerational Project

    This project is a continuation of our award winning New Spin Intergenerational project, which was first launched in 2010.

  • Strive Wellbeing – Intergenerational Project

    To develop volunteering services that support older people in care settings to remain socially and physically active to improve their wellbeing

  • Cum Ageen dus Welcome

    Actively linking older and younger people through an intergenerational project.

  • Intergenerational event: 'We are all Bairns of the Bog'

    The Westfield Area of Falkirk, also known as 'The Bog', has a history of youth disorder, affecting all generations within the community. This event was to provide a forum for the residents, young people and disengaged youths to come together and share ideas with a view to building relationships and fostering community cohesion.

  • Parlez Vous - Learning French through songs and games

    Stewarton Academy approached the Volunteer Centre requesting volunteering opportunities for a group of senior pupils, which would contribute to a Higher in "Personal Development" and fit in with the Curriculum for Excellence.

  • Glasgow Intergenerational Mentoring Network

    This project focused on young people living in the most disadvantaged ares of Glasgow who were interested in entering higher education but who may not have had access to the necessary knowledge and advice in order to realise there aspiration.

  • Connecting Generations

    Reconnecting grandparents and grandchildren where contact has broken down.

  • Life Story

    What happens when high school pupils work with older adults with dementia on their life story book?

  • Physical Activity Project in Care Homes

    Perth College (University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)) HND Fitness, Health and Exercise students have been involved in an exciting project for the last 3 years, teaching a 12 week exercise programme to residents in Perth Care Homes.

  • Clark Community Choir

    The Clark Community Choir, “Generations Singing Together”.

  • Craft Cafe - Edinburgh

    Craft Café is a creative solution to reducing isolation and loneliness amongst older people aged 60+.

  • Making it Matters

    MAKLab and Westhill Men's Shed help younger and older people to share skills during the 2014 Luminate Festival.

  • Barnett Court - School Days Project

    Please note this case study is in draft format and will be updated shortly. This project created planned opportunities for people of all ages to come together to discuss school days.

  • Cool Computing for Couthie Customers

    Senior pupils assist older learners to use digital technology.

  • Deaf Awareness Project

    Exploring the impact on people’s lifestyles as a result of being hard of hearing.

  • ICT Community Project

    Help for people in the local community who lack confidence with the application of ICT and modern technology.

  • Intergenerational Allotment

    Responding to anti-social behaviour.

  • Knitting Mania

    An intergenerational arts initiative.

  • Scotland Reads

    Pupils given a more positive outlook to books and reading.

  • Scottish Coastal Rowing Project - Troon

    Intergenerational boat-building project (St Ayles skiffs).

  • The Paired Reading Club

    Developing social skills through paired reading.

  • Arbroath Intergenerational Games Project

    Breaking down barriers through play.

  • Balerno Walking Project

    An intergenerational walking project.

  • Bonnets and Baseball Caps

    Breaking down barriers of misunderstanding.

  • Children Inclusion Partnership

    Linking families, and communities in north Glasgow.

  • Community Project

    Introducing new technology, and traditional games, to older and younger generations, by older and younger generations.

  • Enviro-Mentors

    Enviro-mentors, helps younger and older people to look at healthy outdoor pursuits.

  • Falls Prevention

    Pupils worked together to help address the problem of falls in older people.

  • Football Memories

    Football Memories aims to provide companionship, mutual support and a sense of belonging to men with Dementia.

  • Free to Be your Age

    Creating intergenerational song and digital photography images.

  • Generations Growing Together

    Breaking down barriers through a gardening project.

  • Intergenerational Cook Book

    The development of an Intergenerational Cook Book.

  • Museums and Schools Working Together

    The sharing of ideas through discussion between generations.

  • Working Rite

    Appealing to young people who have rejected the education system.

  • Connecting Generations (Playbusters)

    Challenging negative perceptions to create mutual respect and a more cohesive community.

  • Days Geen By

    Residents and users of day centres sharing memories with younger people.

  • Doors Open

    Bringing together younger and older people to share their stories and memories.

  • Fishwives and School Lives

    Developing 'The Wee Museum of Newhaven’ - an exhibition space at Victoria Primary School.

  • Home-Start

    Support, friendship and practical help to families in their own homes.

  • SCOPe Project

    A befriending service for older people who have experienced MH problems, or who care for someone with such problems.

  • A Saltire Sky

    ‘A Saltire Sky' is a short play with an intergenerational aspect.

  • Aberdeen Street Mediation

    Helping communities find solutions to intergenerational conflict.

  • Befriending, Orkney: 'Get together for a Yarn'

    Breaking down barriers through crafts, games and ‘yarning’.

  • Billie's Playpark

    Improving the well-being of people of all ages in Torry through an Intergenerational Playpark.

  • Carr-Gomm Creative Writing

    Providing opportunities for people to talk and write creatively together.

  • Carrickvale Family Project

    Carrickvale Community Education Centre offers family projects that now include grandparents and extended family members.

  • Cities in Balance

    The Cities in Balance project, aims to improve mainstream opportunities for seniors, and focuses on services that enhance their quality of life, and helps them to live independently.

  • Common Ground

    What happens when a group of young people (aged 16 - 18) and a group of over 60s get together to discuss their home town?

  • Contact the Elderly Volunteering

    Contact the Elderly volunteer drivers take one or two older people, living alone, to enjoy afternoon tea in another volunteer's home, one Sunday every month.

  • Cooking Bus

    In June 2010, a small intergenerational group from Pilmeny, Leith travelled to Ingleston to participate in a free cooking session in a Healthier Scotland Cooking Bus.

  • Cromdale Road Pods

    Breaking down ‘gang culture’ in Cromdale Road Port Glasgow.

  • Cumnock and Doon Valley Credit Union

    A credit union offers a safe place to save money at the heart of a community.

  • Doo the right thing

    Supporting vulnerable young people to take responsibility for the care and development of a team of racing pigeons.

  • Dornoch Bridge IG Project

    The project brings together generations to develop positive relationships.

  • Edinburgh Garden Share Scheme

    Edinburgh Garden Share Scheme [EGSS] matches people who have gardens to share with people who are keen on gardening, especially fruit and vegetable growing.

  • Eyemouth Rowing Project

    Reviving the tradition of coastal rowing.

  • Fitness Challenge

    Connecting Generations, Commonwealth Games Fitness Challenge.

  • Forward IT

    The Forward IT Project tapped into the wonders of modern technology to encourage tenants to learn how to use computers.

  • Fruity Express

    Intergenerational project bringing pupils from the school together with local members of the elderly forum to encourage pupils to eat fruit

  • Happy2Help

    Happy2Help aims to break down barriers between generations through the understanding of age-based issues.

  • Helm's Herbaceous

    The launch a new plant nursery social enterprise.

  • HUG (Help Unite Generations)

    Ayr College social care students have been involved in joint projects with residents of Morrison Gardens sheltered housing complex.

  • Intergenerational Kitchen

    An intergenerational kitchen – support and barriers to eating well for housebound older people.

  • Journeys in Nature

    Outdoor learning.

  • Just Say No

    Secondary pupils educate primary school pupils to ‘Say No’ to drugs and alcohol.

  • Kibble Volunteering

    Strengthening community roots and involvement.

  • Outrage

    Improving personal and family relationships through arts workshops.

  • Paisley Abbey Archaeological Project

    Intergenerational archaeology. O

  • Past, Present and Future

    Raising awareness of local history, not only among the younger generation, but also among the older generation.

  • Peace in Our Time

    An intergenerational drama project involving participants in Glasgow and Coatbridge with the help of Tricky Hat Productions. P

  • Powis Gardeners

    Intergenerational gardening.

  • Ralston IG Project

    This project aims to improve communal outdoor space used by older adults attending Ralston Day Centre and by Ralston Playgroup.

  • Renfrew Gala Day

    A community-led event with free cultural and sporting activities for everyone.

  • Risk Factory

    Recognising potential dangers and knowing the actions to take to reduce or avoid risks.

  • Schools Volunteer Programme

    Volunteers help young people in local primary schools in a range of school activities.

  • Seaton History Group

    an intergenerational Talking Tearoom. The Seaton History Group comprises local enthusiasts who decided to change their image and engage actively with the wider community, including the local school.

  • SWAYED ECO project

    Breaking down barriers through the ECO project.T

  • TAG at Dalbeattie

    This collaborative project involved a professional theatre company (TAG), an amateur dramatic society (Birchvale Players) and Dalbeattie High School.

  • Taigh Chearsabhagh

    Connecting Generations.

  • Tea Dances

    An intergenerational tea dance.

  • Times of Our Lives

    Improving relations between generations through the use of storytelling and art work.

  • Tourette Scotland, Bridge Project

    Providing a focal point for a network support service for members, including opportunities for one-to-one support sessions across the generations.

  • TRASH Arts

    Creating opportunities for young people and the ‘silver’ generation to share experiences and knowledge through musical and visual arts.

  • Tynecastle High School IG Event

    Linking generations.

  • Violence is Preventable

    Encouraging personal safety among older people.

  • Weaving Yarns

    Instilling a renewed sense of identity and pride in the Calton area of Glasgow through history and heritage.

  • Wigtown 'Her-story' Workshop

    Raising awareness of local women’s history in Wigtown.

  • xl Club

    Working together to achieve goals.

  • YOBS, Youths On Bikes Scheme

    A home delivery scheme for older villagers and the housebound.

  • Young Carers

    Supporting young carers.

  • Contrasting Cultures

    Scotland/Rwanda intergenerational event.

  • En-R-G

    Challenges the view that young people are to be feared in the community, through the medium of radio broadcasting.

  • Food Project

    Researching nutrition and healthy eating across the generations .

  • Gardening Project

    Working together to stop vandalism.

  • Gen-UP

    Dispelling some of the misconceptions held by younger and older people about each other.

  • Glasgow stories and the arts

    Glasgow Life/Arts plays a role in helping to nurture and develop local organisations.

  • Intergenerational North Lanarkshire Projects

    A strategic approach to increasing intergenerational practice in six secondary schools.

  • Kingsland History project

    Shared stories with pupils past and present at Kingsland Primary School.

  • Lasting Legacy

    Lasting Legacy was the culmination of five years of archival and oral history research into the Kibble Centre, which coincided with its 150th anniversary in 2009.

  • Living Memory

    Sharing memories between generations, through the Childhood Games intergenerational project.

  • North Edinburgh Intergenerational Project

    Lessening conflict between younger people and older adults through building skills in dealing with conflict positively.

  • Oor Torry Arts Project

    Enthusiasm and interest from the local community, along with a great sense of pride in their local heritage, inspired this exciting Intergenerational art project.

  • Supported Befriending

    Young people working as volunteer befrienders.

  • Technology Project

    Teaching technology to older people. I

  • Tullibody Community Garden

    Helping families afflicted by unemployment.

  • Wii Project

    Young people teaching older people how to use the Wii.

  • Generation Arts

    Generation Arts – involved creative movement and play.

  • In My Day

    In My Day was an intergenerational workshop dance project in North Glasgow.

  • Kinship Care Project

    Support for Kinship Carers who have volunteered as carers.

  • Per-sev-ere

    Creating more opportunities for young and old to come together through community involvement.

  • Sparr

    Training disadvantaged young people in research, film, editing, interviewing, and web/graphic design skills.

  • Foxbar Angling

    Foxbar Angling Club took hard-to-reach children from the Foxbar area of Paisley on fishing trips.

  • Andover

    A joint project involving pupils from Andover Primary School, Brechin and Angus Gold 50 plus participants, involved in learning new creative writing skills through drama and role play.

  • Borders Asperger and Autism Support Group

    The role of Borders Asperger and Autism Group Support is to provide support and aid to families.

  • Libertus

    Supporting people of all ages, who experience physical or learning disabilities or age-related infirmity, through the medium of the arts.O