Aberdeen Street Mediation


Sometimes a young person can feel unfairly treated or misunderstood, and sometimes an adult feels intimidated by groups of young people hanging about. In cases like these the Street Mediation Service can often help. Following a referral, trained mediators will make contact with all parties to hear their views, listen to each person and discuss a suitable way forward. The mediators will sometimes look for a venue where everyone can meet and discuss, and importantly, look for practical and workable solutions.

Our Aims

  • To engage positively with young people meeting in public spaces
  • To identify issues and emerging service needs in local communities
  • To provide information, advice and appropriate support to individuals or groups
  • To challenge anti-social behaviour where appropriate.
  • To improve relationships between young people and adults
  • To enable communities to work together to find solutions
  • To improve opportunities for young people and communities, enabling them to be involved in influencing service planning.

Why mediation works

The service is voluntary and anyone can opt out at any time. Mediators are impartial, don’t take sides and adhere to confidential guidelines. They would only share information with people’s permission (except where there is a serious issue relating to others’ immediate safety or welfare). Mediators look for a way forward and do not dwell on the past, adopting a win/win approach using common sense. It is a service, independent of the local authority and police and builds on people’s own knowledge and experience to find practical and workable solutions.

A recent mediation resulted in a group of young people and council staff forming a committee to identify, fund and set up activities for young people.

“I think, along with the Street Mediation Service, Community Safety and the City Warden’s Service, this could be a great way forward.”

“Cases such as this are not always best resourced by Police alone and it is very helpful to have this service take ownership and share the load.”

The Aberdeen Street Mediation Service is part of Aberdeen’s Streetwork Project – a joint initiative between Aberdeen City Council, Grampian Police and Sacro.