Barnett Court - School Days Project


The project was collaboration between residents from Barnett Court Sheltered Housing Unit and Primary 5 pupils from Dykesmains Primary School, Saltcoats. The participants were supported by a partnership between Community Development (Capacity Building Team) and the Library Services.

Previous work had identified that there was little opportunity for any meaningful contact between younger and older people within the local communities.The project was initiated to address this issue by creating planned opportunities for the participants to come together and collaborate on the joint project.It was hoped that by working together intergenerational barriers and stereotypes would be broken down.

What did we do?

Eight older people and thirty children took part. Twenty of the children remained at school however were still able to take on active roles as they undertook research, devised questions and also planned the ‘sharing event ‘for the final day of the project.

The theme of ‘school days’ was identified as a common link between the children and the older people. As the project developed the children were able to show the older people how to use iPads, whilst the older group set up a series of informal come and try workshops on street games and handicrafts.

At the end of February the project culminated in a sharing event at the school

Benefits for the Community

  • A better understanding between the generations
  • Building relationships
  • Reduced barriers between the generations

Benefits for the Younger People

  • A shared ‘common link’
  • Developed new skills
  • Increased their knowledge of older people

Benefits for the Older People

  • A greater understanding of young people
  • Developed new technology skills


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What from the older people:

“I now look forward to meeting and working with the children, they are full of surprises”
“At first i wasn’t sure what to expect, but i really enjoyed the project, I would love to do it again”
“I now feel that i am up to date and part of thie (IPAD) new technology”

Quotes from younger people:

“I learned how to knit”
“I liked working with the residents they were friendly and funny”
“I liked knitting so much that i now knit with my Granny”

Due to the very positive experiences and outcomes the school are keen to include the residents within the wider school curriculum, with a further Intergenerational Project planned starting in January 2014.

Local Priorities


Scottish NPF Objectives

This project contributes to the Scottish National Performance Framework (NPF).

Scottish NPF Outcomes