Dornoch Bridge IG Project


The project brings together young people and adults to develop more positive relationships, providing access to helpful experience and skills for young people and, for the adults, an opportunity to communicate with and relate to young people. It is based at Dornoch Academy, and has three aspects:

1. A team of 16 adult volunteers work alongside school staff to teach crafts, such as card making, knitting, crochet, candle making, encaustic art, jewellery making, mosaics, fabric painting and cooking. This enhances the enterprise part of the school curriculum. All products made are sold at a school fair,which last year raised £1,100.

2. A model aircraft-making and flying club has been developed which is of special interest toys and is operated by six volunteers.

3. A volunteer teaches photography to one pupil with this specialist interest. Although the school would like to broaden this for more pupils, resources are not available currently.

Dornoch is a small Highland town and seaside resort, and former royal burgh, situated on the north shore of the Dornoch Firth, close to where it opens into the Moray Firth to the east.

Success factors

  • Volunteer enthusiasm: Responses to advertisements for volunteers through local churches has been excellent with more volunteers coming on board and also good coverage through the local media.
  • A newly established youth cafe for secondary school pupils and young people run by volunteers.

“At first I was not comfortable working with young people on my own. However after a year’s experience I look forward keenly to starting up again after the summer.” Volunteer.

“I really enjoy the craftwork. It’s much better than sitting at home on a play station.” Pupil.