Forward IT


The Forward IT Project tapped into the wonders of modern technology with an initiative developed by Servite Housing Association to encourage tenants to learn how to use computers.
They received hands-on training from pupils from the local schools and a free three-week Introduction to Computing. This was launched in April 2006 with events taking place throughout Dundee, Angus and Perth and over 200 people attending from 21 different Servite locations. All schemes had state-of-the-art computers for the tenants to use for email, surfing the internet, on-line shopping or communicating with their relatives using the webcam. The project gave the older generation the opportunity to join the digital era and the younger generation the chance to pass on their skills.

Successful communication

Communication between generations was stimulated and tenants learned the skills needed to enjoy the new technology. Young volunteers were pleased to pass on their knowledge and their voluntary work counted towards awards.

“It was gratifying to see the generations working together. It’s great that the Forward IT Project not only opened up the digital world to our tenants but also bridged the intergenerational divide. It’s a good example of how individuals and organisations can help each other on different levels.” Julie Cosgrove, Chief Executive of Servite.

“The Forward IT Project helped bridge the divide between those who knew about computers and those who didn’t. No-one should feel excluded from the world of technology as it has so much to offer. The project brought computing to the homes of Servite tenants in a comfortable, affordable and uncomplicated way – with additional wider-reaching benefits for so many others as well.” Kathy Robertson, Servite Housing Association Forward IT Project Manager.

Watch a YouTube video of what participants in a similar project south of the border have to say about intergenerational learning.