Glasgow stories and the arts


A programme of visual arts and storytelling sessions was designed, in partnership with the Storytelling Centre and Glasgow East Arts Company. During the autumn of 2009 ten workshops in storytelling and the visual arts were offered to members of two East End groups – The Thenew Housing Association’s Sheltered Housing tenants and children from the activity group PEEK (Possibilities for East End Kids). This was a progression from the previous intergenerational project led by Friends of the Weavers. It had become evident that the residents wanted more arts activity and had enjoyed working with young people.

‘Thenew’ is a name linked to Glasgow’s history. She was the mother of Mungo, Glasgow’s patron saint. Over the years ‘Thenew’ morphed into the name ‘Enoch’. The Association owns and/or manages thousands of houses and flats, 22 hostels and supported housing projects. Most of them are located in six communities in Glasgow.

Success Factors

Celebration and continuity

Both groups came together for a final sharing of the work with each other and friends and families. The storyteller and visual artist who had worked on the previous intergenerational arts project within the area were brought back to continue to develop relationships and skills, together with an additional new storyteller.

Thenew Housing Association and PEEK regularly enjoy projects with Glasgow Life Arts as the participants gain a lot from professional artists and the quality of work. For example, Thenew Housing Association helped to fund the Glasgow Life tour of a professional theatre production by Clyde Unity Theatre. The East End residents were offered free tickets and the opportunity to take part in audience discussion with members of the cast.

PEEK participants took part in the recent Glasgow East 5K Fun Run and ‘Big Day Oot’ event in June 2010. This is Glasgow’s East End festival along the 5K Fun Run Route, with local children and community groups performing a variety of songs, music, dances and sketches.