Case Studies: 2019

Read case studies with the theme ‘Health & Well-Being’.
  • All Sorts: Games for All

    This project was to bring younger and older people together to share experiences of toys and games from childhood – whether that childhood was from the previous year or the previous century. Using this common ground the individuals would learn to appreciate the different points of view of a different generation.

  • Anam Cara

    Anam Cara's intergenerational project aims to tackle stereotypes around dementia and to connect older people and young children for the benefit of both age groups.

  • Back to Life

    Back to Life brings seven children each week from Newbyres Nursery to visit residents at Newbyres Village Care Home. Since September 2016 they have undertaken a wide range of activities which include indoor sports, baking, crafts and songs. There are also weekly visits to the Village and plans to do outdoor activities during the summer.

  • Balerno Walking Project

    An intergenerational walking project.

  • Barnett Court - School Days Project

    Please note this case study is in draft format and will be updated shortly. This project created planned opportunities for people of all ages to come together to discuss school days.

  • Befriending Caithness intergenerational link

    Approached by the local hospital and care home, Befriending Caithness was asked if they could fill the gap that currently exists within the community. More and more older people are being kept in hospital or a care home, and whilst in residence their relatives find it difficult to visit due to lack of transport, mobility or their own ill health. The longer the elderly person stays in the hospital the more isolated and lonely they become.

  • Celebrating Age

    Linking Generations Northern Ireland aims to reach out to groups and organisations across Northern Ireland to encourage them to bring generations together in their own individual settings. Our interest is to raise awareness of intergenerational practice, inspiring and supporting others to join us in bringing generations together and in tackling loneliness and social isolation of older people.

  • Clark Community Choir

    The Clark Community Choir, “Generations Singing Together”.

  • Community Project

    Introducing new technology, and traditional games, to older and younger generations, by older and younger generations.

  • Contact the Elderly Volunteering

    Contact the Elderly volunteer drivers take one or two older people, living alone, to enjoy afternoon tea in another volunteer's home, one Sunday every month.

  • Cooking Bus

    In June 2010, a small intergenerational group from Pilmeny, Leith travelled to Ingleston to participate in a free cooking session in a Healthier Scotland Cooking Bus.

  • Craft Cafe - Edinburgh

    Craft Café is a creative solution to reducing isolation and loneliness amongst older people aged 60+.

  • Days Geen By

    Residents and users of day centres sharing memories with younger people.

  • Digital Age Project

    Digital and social exclusion is a big problem for older people. Many services are moving online and older people are missing out on opportunities to connect with friends and family through Digital Technology. This project based in Northern Ireland focused on promoting the social inclusion of older people in sheltered accommodation settings through the use of Digital Technology.

  • Falls Prevention

    Pupils worked together to help address the problem of falls in older people.

  • Fitness Challenge

    Connecting Generations, Commonwealth Games Fitness Challenge.

  • Food Project

    Researching nutrition and healthy eating across the generations .

  • Fruity Express

    Intergenerational project bringing pupils from the school together with local members of the elderly forum to encourage pupils to eat fruit

  • Generations Growing Together

    Breaking down barriers through a gardening project.

  • Grandbuddies Project

    Discovering how many of our traits and characteristics are inherited from family.

  • Intergenerational Allotment

    Responding to anti-social behaviour.

  • Intergenerational Kitchen

    An intergenerational kitchen – support and barriers to eating well for housebound older people.

  • Intergenerational Music Project

    The aim of this project was to introduce targeted pupils from Carrick Academy to residents of South Lodge Residential Home and give them the opportunity to sit down and have a discussion about the different types of music they listened to when they were younger.

  • Just Say No

    Secondary pupils educate primary school pupils to ‘Say No’ to drugs and alcohol.

  • Life Story

    What happens when high school pupils work with older adults with dementia on their life story book?

  • Making Bridges with Music

    Torbay childminders have brought younger and older people together through a project called Making Bridges with Music, tackling social isolation along the way. Music workshops are facilitated by artists to build neighbourhood connections and new friendships.

  • New Spin Intergenerational Project

    This project is a continuation of our award winning New Spin Intergenerational project, which was first launched in 2010.

  • Old School, Oxford Academy

    There are significant issues faced by adolescents and the senior members of the community and many of these are common to both groups. The Oxfordshire health inequalities commission report from October 2016 states wards in our local area (Blackbird Leys, Rose Hill) are in the top 10% most deprived in the country despite overall prosperity in the county. There is also a significant issue with loneliness affecting older people within urban areas of the county.

  • Old’s Cool

    It was important to run this project due to the high number of young people leaving school in the local Leith area without a positive destination in employment, education or training. Tensions in the local community between both young and older people encouraged us to take an intergenerational approach.

  • Parlez Vous - Learning French through songs and games

    Stewarton Academy approached the Volunteer Centre requesting volunteering opportunities for a group of senior pupils, which would contribute to a Higher in "Personal Development" and fit in with the Curriculum for Excellence.

  • Physical Activity Project in Care Homes

    Perth College (University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)) HND Fitness, Health and Exercise students have been involved in an exciting project for the last 3 years, teaching a 12 week exercise programme to residents in Perth Care Homes.

  • Richer by Rationing

    To reduce waste by raising awareness of the environmental and economic impact of food waste

  • SCOPe Project

    A befriending service for older people who have experienced MH problems, or who care for someone with such problems.

  • Scottish Coastal Rowing Project - Troon

    Intergenerational boat-building project (St Ayles skiffs).

  • Silver Games 2016

    Improving the quality of life in our community and proving that four generations can work together successfully and without fear.

  • Strive Wellbeing – Intergenerational Project

    To develop volunteering services that support older people in care settings to remain socially and physically active to improve their wellbeing

  • T in the Street

    Organisers from a pilot project called 'T in the Street', witnessed and evidenced the positive impact that the project had on both the young and older people involved.

  • The Balhousie Link - Balhousie Primary School paired partnership with Balhousie Care Home

    Balhousie Primary School has a catchment area with high unemployment, single parent families as well as a very large proportion of children from Europe with over 50% having English as their second language. As a result of these factors, children frequently have no connection, bond or any form of communication with their grandparents or elderly as those members are not living locally.

  • Walking Football

    'Walking Football' is an ongoing intergenerational project.