HUG (Help Unite Generations)


Morrison Gardens sheltered housing complex of 24 homes is a nub for all kinds of intergenerational activities in Ayr. As part of the council’s ‘Help Unite Generations’ (HUG) initiative, social care students from Ayr College have been involved in joint projects with residents, which include healthy eating initiatives, arts projects, vegetable growing and making hanging baskets. The young people have been taught by residents to make soup and to bake. It has been so successful that some of the residents, who are over 80, have been attending college for the first time in their lives.

The housing complex also works in partnership with local schools on various themes. For instance, it was part of the 2009 Homecoming programme.

As part of the HUG initiative, a number of sheltered housing complexes across South Ayrshire have been paired with local schools. Sheltered Housing Wardens have a diverse role in promoting independent living and quality of life in accordance with the standards set down by the Care Commission.

What led to success?

A very energetic coordinator at the sheltered housing complex was instrumental in starting the initiative and championing it, with support from her line manager and a local elected member.

The residents at Morrison Gardens are willing to become involved in the activities, and also in their local community. The students involved in the project have had practical experience which complements their traditional classroom-based learning.

An older resident said, ‘I am doing things that I have never done before and I am having a ball!’