Intergenerational event: 'We are all Bairns of the Bog'


Why intergenerational: Inclusion of all citizens, across all ages was seen as an essential consideration, enabling them to take a proactive role in the decision making of their community and importantly as a positive influence on disengaged youths displaying negative behaviour.

Sacro’s role was to deliver and facilitate a one-day event for the community to take forward ideas generated; and therefore it is the community’s decision how often they meet after the Event.


  • Reduction of youth disorder within the community
  • Improvement in communication between the generations
  • Breaking down barriers
  • To provide all participants with the opportunity to generate and engage in local community initiatives
  • Provide a platform to promote wellbeing within the community

The participants were organised into three groups, facilitated by a Sacro Worker and arranged to include representation from each of the invited organisations. The groups were arranged in circles to enable all participants to be involved in the process. The day’s programme was constructed to focus on two key questions and generate ideas that could be taken forward by appropriate agencies or the community itself.

The two questions asked of the discussion groups in the ‘Another Blether’ were:

• Discuss what young people could do to make relations better between the generations?
• Discuss what older people could do to make relations better between the generations?

Each group included the following representatives:

  • 5 Westfield Youths
  • 5 Westfield Residents /local shopkeeper
  • 5 professionals

Professional members from:

  • Conflict resolutions services
  • Community safety team
  • Community Police Officer
  • Community learning development Worker: Community Education Worker and /or detached Youth Worker
  • Sacro Youth Justice Worker to facilitate each group

In total of 35 participants took part in the event aged 12 – 85 referred via local catchment secondary school, residents committee and partnership agencies.

Benefits for the Community

• Reduction in youth disorder
• New initiatives for the community to take forward
• Community spirit and a sense of belonging
• Inclusion of youths displaying negative behaviour
• Positive role modelling

Benefits for the Younger People

• Disengage in negative behaviour
• Have a voice in their community
• Meet positive role models
• To feel valued within their community

Benefits for the Older People

• Engaging with young people
• Positive role models for young people
• Break down barriers
• Share experiences: pass on their experiences, skills and vice versa
• Participate in activities with youths/work alongside youths


Part of mainstream funding provided by Falkirk Council to run Sacro Falkirk Youth Services


• Completion of Evaluation Forms at the end of the Event

What worked

  • Community engagement at the event
  • Specific outcomes for the community to take forward
  • Dialogue across all generations
  • Professional partnership agencies participated in the event

What did not work/what could be done differently

  • Publicity (local media) of the event did not work

next time the team would consider reviewing intended outcomes/initiatives after a specific period to determine success of event and consider a greater partnership working with agencies involved in the outcomes

What changed as a result of the project

  • A youth focus group to be set up to have a direct say and influence on the local Community Committee
  • Brought people closer together

It is envisaged that Sacro Youth Services, alongside partnership agencies will look at further intergenerational events in local communities that are identified as areas experiencing youth disorder.

Local Priorities

At a local level the Falkirk Community Safety Partnership Strategic Priorities see anti social behaviour as a major priority. A recurrent theme is communities working together and the involvement of young people in this process. Intergenerational Events provide the forum for this to take place. The Asset Based Approach, supported by the Peoples Health Trust advocates citizens off all ages should take a proactive role in the decision making of their community. Intergenerational Events also sits well within the Falkirk’s Integrated Children’s Services Plan, ‘Getting it right for every Child’.

Scottish NPF Strategic Objectives

This project contributes to the Scottish National Performance Framework (NPF).

SAFER & STRONGER – Helping communities to flourish, becoming stronger, safer places to live, offering improved opportunities and a better quality of life.

Scottish NPF Outcomes

We live our lives safe from crime, disorder and danger.

We have strong, resilient and supportive communities where people take responsibility for their own actions and how they affect others.

We have improved the life chances for children, young people and families at risk.

The Scottish Government and Convention of Scottish Local Authorities published a framework for tackling anti social behaviour under the banner Promoting Positive Outcomes. The four pillars are Prevention, Integration, Engagement and Communication. Again the intergenerational event project and its underlying principles provide communities to become actively involved in the process.