A Conversation with Prof. Peter Whitehouse

Wednesday 5th June 2019, 9:15am - 10:45am at Generations Working Together Glasgow office, Brunswick House 51 Wilson Street Glasgow G1 1UZ
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GWT is delighted to announce the arrival of Professor Peter Whitehouse, President of the Intergenerational Schools International, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. We are delighted and honoured that Peter will be spending four days with Generations Working Together during a three month stay at Oxford University. Peter has agreed to give a series of conversation meetings during the first week in June to people interested in how intergenerational approaches can be used in schools.

Intergenerational Schools connect, create, and guide a multigenerational community of lifelong learners and spirited citizens as they strive for academic excellence.

Educational Model
​Intergenerational Schools are unique in our approach to educating children. Nobody else in Cleveland offers our total approach, one that is based on these pillars:

1. Learning as a Positive Experience
Students at Intergenerational Schools are expected to adhere to rules and are held accountable when they fail to do that. But, our emphasis is on positive reinforcement of what is done right vs. punishment and shame for what is done wrong. We embrace what is called the Nurtured Heart approach. Our experience shows that positive praise leads to increasingly positive behaviours. Simply put, we focus on the positive, not the negative.

2. Learning for a Lifetime
Intergenerational Schools are multi-generational learning communities that excel at preparing students to be confident and engaged citizens in a fast-changing world. From day one, students learn to be independent and make their own good choices. Emphasis is on problem-solving, not rote memorisation and conformity.

3. Learning At Your Own Pace
Intergenerational Schools have multi-age classrooms where the emphasis is on mastering core skills at a student’s own pace. Unlike typical schools, our students never repeat a year. Our students move forward to more complex learning when they are ready to do so, not just because one school year ends and another one starts. Learning in the Intergenerational Schools model is based on individual growth, not arbitrary age or grade levels.

Hear how the schools were created, what makes them intergenerational, how impact is measured and discuss how this approach could work here in Scotland.

For more detail please contact Alison Clyde.


Peter J. Whitehouse MD-PhD is a Professor of Neurology and former or current professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Bioethics, History, Nursing and Organisational Behaviour at Case Western Reserve University, Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and President of Intergenerational Schools International.

Peter is a prevention oriented, life course developmental neurologist. He received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and MD-PhD (Psychology) from The Johns Hopkins University (with field work at Harvard and Boston Universities), followed by a Fellowship in Neuroscience and Psychiatry and a faculty appointment at Hopkins.

In 1999 he founded with his wife, Catherine, The Intergenerational School, a unique public multiage, community school.

He is the author of hundreds of academic papers and book chapters ranging from genetics, to clinical issues, to community and public health and ethics and the arts. His main focus is on intergenerative and transdisciplinary ecopsychosocial models of health and aging.

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