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Intergenerational Workshop for Early Years Practitioners

Monday 27th August 2018, 1:30pm - 4:30pm at Brunswick House, 51 Wilson Street, Glasgow, G1 1UZ (Free)
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Generations Working Together (GWT) is holding a workshop for early years practitioners who are involved in intergenerational projects or who would like to develop projects however have faced barriers.

GWT is looking to produce a new publication – An Intergenerational Guide for Early Years Practitioners

The publication will provide guidance on :

  • planning an intergenerational project and setting appropriate outcomes
  • what activities work and don’t work
  • ideas on who to connect with to create new partnerships
  • benefits of intergenerational work for early years
  • evaluating and measuring the impact

Ideally we hope to attract practitioners who have:

  • experience of running short term and long term intergenerational projects
  • experience of evaluating an intergenerational project
  • experiences of the pitfalls and barriers and ideas on how to address them
  • experience of co-location/shared spaces
  • experience of creating the spaces for intergenerational projects to thrive

By sharing your experiences and knowledge GWT hope to use real life examples to bring this publication to life.

The workshop will be delivered by Alison Clyde, National Development Manager, Generations Working Together. If you have any questions about the workshop, please email your query to Alison

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