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10:00am Monday 8th March - 1:30pm Friday 12th March 2021

This year, due to the pandemic we are going to offer six webinars, each lasting one and a half hours, covering a wide range of topics which will be available online. The week pass for webinars has received formal CPD accreditation, attendees can receive a CPD Certificate of Attendance and Learning Tool for 9.5 hours on request.

Webinar 1 – Intergenerational Faith Communities

Time: 10 am – 11.30 am (includes an Award presentation)

Speaker: Darren Phillip, Youth & Children’s Development Worker, Livingston United Parish Church, Intergenerational Faith Communities

From gathered assemblies in the Hebrew scriptures to the house groups of the earliest churches, ancient faith practices were inherently intergenerational. By blending theory and theology with examples of current intergenerational practice in Scotland, this webinar explores how core spiritual practices such as community, hospitality, learning, story-sharing, prayer, music and worship can shape communities of faith into intergenerational families of belonging.

Introducing: Ellie Stewart (Calderglen High School), Gordon Palmer (Minister) & Anna Corlett (Claremont Parish Church)

The Befriender’s Project ran by Claremont Parish Church and Calderglen High School has been established for over 10 years. During the pandemic they have managed to keep their intergenerational project going via telephone. A younger and older person will share their experiences of how the project has made a real impact to them and to others in the local community. (Speakers TBC)

Excellence Award Presentation – Creative ways to connect after Covid-19 (approx 11.15am)

Webinar 2 – Places for intergenerational encounters and connections

Time: 2pm – 3.30pm

Speaker: Jennifer Challinor, Project Officer, Building the Case for a Care Campus and Ageing Society

We will look at what makes for good intergenerational spaces and places. We shall briefly explore some inspiring examples from our recent study trip to the Netherlands and Denmark in February 2020 and also how places and projects are developing in Dumfries & Galloway that are all about intergenerational connections. We will also share how we developed a brief for architects that involved community members of all ages as active partners in designing new spaces and in the repurposing of old ones.

Webinar 3 – Let’s get rid of Ageism

Time: 10 am – 11.45 am

Speakers: Jordan Giberson, Marketing Consultant, Guild Housing

Ageism effects all of us – whether we are young, old, or somewhere in between. Ageism is a broad issue throughout the UK that exists in many different areas in society. In this webinar we will discuss this issue and the different areas of ageism that exist within our society including:

  1. Language – Tackling everyday ageist language used to talk about older and younger people.
  2. Cities – Making our cities more accessible and age-friendly.
  3. Services – Promote independence by making financial and technology services easier, safer and fairer to use.

Join us to discuss what ageism is, the many different areas we see ageism in our society, and what we can all do to put an end to ageism.
STOPageism is a new initiative powered by Guild Living working to put an end to ageism across the UK. In order to tackle these issues, it is uniting a range of organisations – from charities and businesses in various industries, to media partners and individuals. STOPageism has a wide variety of 45+ partners including Legal & General, Alzheimer’s Research UK, GWT, and many others. Together, though the STOPageism platform, we believe we will amplify each other’s voices to help stop ageism.

Speaker: Luke Price, Evidence Manager, Centre for Ageing Better

Luke will be presenting on the Centre for Ageing Better’s work on the topic of ageism, including research into stereotypes and narratives of ageing and older age within the UK. He will cover their recent competition on the age positive icons.

GWT Excellence Awards 2021 – presentation of the Tackling Ageism Award presentation

Time: 11.30 am

Break till webinar 2 starts at 1pm

Webinar 4 – Food and Relationships

Time: 1pm – 2.15pm

Speakers: (1) Tilly Robinson-Miles, Impact and Policy Officer, Eat Well Age Well (2) Donna Borokinni, Community Engagement Officer, Food for Life Get Togethers Scotland (3) Alison McKinnie, Project Manager, Zero Waste Scotland

This webinar invites speakers from three organisations all of whom are connected via the environment. They will share their experiences around recycling and good food for all generations and how connecting in our communities between generations is all encompassing across the life course and important in our communities to help improve social isolation, loneliness and health and wellbeing as well as looking after the environment. It’s about sharing and caring whilst growing and cooking and cutting down on waste. By using an intergenerational approach we can together build real trust, respect and friendships between the generations and improve our communities to be places people feel safe to grow up in and grow old in together.

  1. Eat Well Age Well, a national project which is part of the National Charity- Food Train, work to tackle malnutrition amongst older adults living at home in Scotland. Approximately 100,000 older people in Scotland are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. Eat Well Age Well will be talking about the important role of food in bringing people together to prevent malnutrition, food insecurity and social isolation in older age. They will discuss the importance of recognising the social and wellbeing value of food, as well as of grassroot community initiatives, including intergenerational work, that provide older people with opportunities to eat, shop and cook with others.
  2. The Soil Association’s Food for Life Get Togethers brings people together. And right now, it’s more important than ever to stay connected with one another. Food for Life Get Togethers are regular community activities that connect people from all ages and backgrounds through growing, cooking and eating good food. Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and delivered with the support of 6 national partners, Food for Life Get Togethers are part of a bigger movement, led by the Soil Association, to make good food the easy choice for everyone.
  3. Zero Waste Scotland Scotland can show the world another way, that means we will lead Scotland to use products and resources responsibly. Making Scotland a pioneer of the Circular Economy, just as we were a pioneer of the industrial revolution. Zero Waste Scotland will focus on where, as a society, we can have the greatest impact on climate change. This includes:
  • Responsible consumption – where people and businesses demand products and services in ways which respect the limits of our natural resources.
  • Responsible production – where a circular economy is embraced by businesses and organisations which supply products and services to get the maximum life and value from the natural resources used to make them;
  • Maximising value from Waste – where the environmental and economic value of wasted resources and energy is harnessed efficiently.

Webinar 5 – Innovation

Time: 10am – 11.30am

Reaching out with Radio

Speaker: Jason Blyth, Principal Teacher of Music, Bertha Park High School, Perth

The pupils and staff at Bertha Park High School in Perth believe no one should feel lonely or isolated, so they are establishing an online radio station playing music, taking requests, shout-outs and mentions, aimed specifically at older people in the community. Their aim is to establish a truly intergenerational experience, including and engaging people of all ages as the station grows and develops. In this session, the pupils tell their story so far.

Kinections – Creative Approaches to Strengthening Connections

Speaker: Edel Roddy, Project Coordinator, Generations Working Together

The Creative Approaches to Strengthening Connections webinar will showcase a range of free online resources* which have been designed to stimulate fresh, energising and insightful conversations between people. These resources were created as part of a project called Kinections which explored enhancing community in care homes, they are fundamentally about bringing people together and cherishing our shared humanity as humans across ages, settings and social circumstance.

The webinar will take a practical approach to illustrating how these resources can be used and where to access information and ideas about where, when and how people might give them a go. We will also share some examples of how these resources have been used by projected connected to Generations Working Together.

*The resources can be accessed by visiting here.

Webinar 6 – Research, Innovation & Awards

This webinar will commence with the presentation of the GWT Excellence Award 2021 – Innovation in the Community

Time: 12 noon – 1.30pm

Speaker: Dr Louise A. Brown Nicholls, Senior Lecturer, Director, Strathclyde Ageing Network, University of Strathclyde

Our research has addressed the potential for community-based intergenerational engagement to benefit older adults’ health and wellbeing. We will first present key findings from a systematic review which synthesises the available evidence on the health and wellbeing outcomes for older adults participating in a variety of community-based intergenerational engagement activities. We will also provide an overview of our primary school-based intergenerational engagement programme. This will include key findings from our pilot randomised, controlled trial of the health outcomes for our older adult volunteers, as well as additional insights from qualitative research involving the older adult volunteers, pupils, and school staff.

Speakers: Anneke Fitzgerald, PHD/Professor Emeritus, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia & Greg Cronan, Researcher/Program Director at Intergenerational Learning Australia

Intergenerational learning using video conferencing

Coming from a technology design and implementation background, Greg Cronan has applied unified communications and telehealth solutions into an ‘intergenerational learning using video conferencing’ program. After completing studies and research about intergenerational learning at Griffith University Greg – in conjunction with Professor Anneke Fitzgerald – have developed and implemented this program over the past 18 months. These weekly interactions involve elders at residential aged care homes discussing school topics via video calls with students in their classrooms. In addition to reciprocal learning outcomes for both age groups, there have been positive changes in behaviour, attendance rates, calmness, attentiveness, mood, empathy, curiosity and joy along with doses of humour! The next phase will include elders living at home.


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