Intergenerational Housing, Places and Spaces are Inclusive

Monday 26th September 2022, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Zoom virtual meeting

Following through with the thematic session on places and spaces we will explore inclusive spaces and the difference that they can make to break down loneliness and social isolation. Intergenerational contact can be approached and promoted in our communities by rethinking existing spaces in our community. Whether that is co-location, co-programming or co-sharing they all work to facilitate meeting s across generational borders and bring people together to create intentional intergenerational activity and build relationships. This means that we could plan our communities by rethinking social and community and creating a more holistic approach serving diverse groups in a single location.

Guest Speaker – Steve Malone, Principal Architect with Architecture & Design Scotland will join us and talk about their work on Caring Places and the Alva Pathfinder Project in Clackmannanshire. We will have a discussion afterwards looking at Intergenerational Housing, Spaces and Places in our own communities with some ideas to explore such as:

Community spaces and places – how do we make them more intergenerational/

  • Housing – sheltered housing hubs – would hey be a good place to connect people from different generations? How well are they utilised?
  • What other types of spaces and places have the potential to form intergenerational relationships?

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