Ageism is Everywhere - Let's Talk Some More

Wednesday 23rd August 2023, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Join us in the conversation workshop where we will continue our journey in the right direction to stop ageism. We know that ageism is common and experienced by old and young in our communities. We want you to coma along and keep the conversation alive to help us look at intergenerational work and how we can change how we see our generations. We will share some case studies and talk about what can be done in our communities to look at change making and how we can do this together.

Research shows: Ageism seeps into many institutions and sectors of society including those providing health and social care, in the workplace, media and the legal system. Healthcare rationing based solely on age is widespread. A systematic review in 2020 showed that in 85 per cent of 149 studies, age determined who received certain medical procedures or treatments(WHO Report on Ageism).

In the UK, around one in three people report experiencing age prejudice or age discrimination. According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s National Barometer of Prejudice and Discrimination, more people of all ages say that they experience ageism than any other form of discrimination. A global study by Ipsos Mori, looking at attitudes to ageing across 30 countries, revealed Britons are “overwhelmingly negative” about ageing, with just 30% of UK adults saying they are “looking forward to getting old” (Centre for Ageing Better).

Both older and younger adults are often disadvantaged in the workplace and access to specialized training and education decline significantly with age. Ageism against younger people manifests across many areas such as employment, health, housing and politics where younger people’s voices are often denied or dismissed (WHO Report on Ageism).

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