Lets talk about SCAMS and Money Guidance

Monday 5th September 2022, 10:30am - 12:30pm
Via Zoom Link

Laura Jamieson from Trading Standards Scotland will join us to talk with you about SCAMS she will offer up to date information on the SCAMS that are taking place in our communities. She is interested to hear all about any of your own personal stories and how you have managed them. Book you place today. More information will follow.

John Mitchell, Knowledge Management Project Manager at the Improvement Service, will offer a short introduction to Money Guiders Scotland network with information on how you can tap into this FREE network for money guidance practitioners.

Money touches every aspect of our lives. Money guidance is often given as part of wider services provided by many different types of organisations. You may be a youth worker, a volunteer or helping vulnerable people. The network is designed to give you the support and information that can help make it easier for you to talk to others about their money worries.

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