Research Network

Monday 24th January 2022, 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Research Network

24th January 2022, 2:30pm – 4:30pm

GWT is excited to host the second intergenerational research network. The idea behind the network is to share academic research with our membership attracting new partners and colleagues to share ideas and spark creativity and more accessible evidence for our membership who are keen to develop and grow the field of intergenerational practice. GWT invites academics from universities and colleges to get in touch who would like to share their news, plans and evidence about past, existing and future research pilots and programmes.

Intergenerational programs and practices focus on bringing diverse ages together in purposeful, mutually-beneficial activities that promote greater understanding between generations and contribute to building more cohesive communities. Research suggests that they are effective vehicles for reducing social isolation and depression, enhancing physical and mental well-being, and increasing self-esteem/self-confidence of older adults as well as addressing critical community concerns (Short-DeGraff & Diamond, 1996; Morrow-Howell, 2007; and Fried et al., 2004).

Well-planned intergenerational experiences provide both young and old throughout generations the opportunity to fully participate in their community. Over several decades, work in the intergenerational field has concentrated primarily on programs that utilise the skills and experiences of youth and older adults to address critical community needs (e.g., literacy, health and wellness, family support, environmental concerns, elder/child care, cross-cultural understanding). Older people have offered their time as tutors, mentors, health educators, career counsellors, after-school coordinators, and in many other roles designed to improve the well-being of younger generations. Whilst young people have assisted with technology, helped out with meals on wheels or lunch clubs, taken part in project about oral history of older generations, even history about their local football club of their industrial background

GWT is gathering a library of academic evidence to share with members who would otherwise be unable to obtain copies of publications and professional articles. The library will provide affirmation from the field and be easy accessible for members to increase their knowledge and understanding of intergenerational practice providing evidence to assist in developing new, improving and sustaining projects for longer periods. Evidence will assist with funding applications and strategic players when making decisions at top levels of how to connect all generations in the community.

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