Two Generations Homeshare

Wednesday 25th October 2023, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

We are excited to announce this thematic Intergenerational Housing Places and Spaces session with Two Generations Homeshare. You can expect to find out more about Homeshare and their planned work in Scotland.

A New Way For Older Living – Discover How Homeshare Helps Intergenerational Living Happen

For many adult children in Scotland, it’s a familiar feeling to be worrying about your parents as they age. This is particularly the case where they may not be quite as independent as they once were, perhaps a little unsteady on their feet, or their memory is starting to decline. They may have lost confidence – perhaps even more so during Covid lockdowns – and wish they had someone in the house overnight or to support them back into the community, while they are not at the point where they need to look at expensive residential, full time or in-house care options.

We look forward to seeing you all there and the session will take place with a short presentation followed by a Q & A session.

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