Resources for Global Intergenerational Week 2023 will be available soon - keep your eyes peeled!


Last Year's Resources:

Thematic Day Images

Monday 25th April - Theme - Let's Reconnect - showcasing community connecting, post covid rebuilding  

The last two years have been challenging for all of us.  Come and share your positive intergenerational learning stories from lockdown as we move forward to reconnect generations.

Let's reconnect (English)          Gadewch i ni ail gysylltu  (Welsh)          Volvamos a conectarnos (Spanish)

Tuesday 26th April - Theme - Let's Combat Loneliness and Isolation

Let’s combat loneliness and isolation (English)  Gadewch i ni herio unigrwydd ac ynysigrwydd  (Welsh)  Combatamos la soledad y el aislamiento (Spanish)

Loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and is one of our key issues as a society. Intergenerational connection can be a great way to fight loneliness and isolation. Why not harness the power of intergenerational connection to tackle loneliness and isolation in your community?

Wednesday 27th April - Theme - Let's celebrate intergenerational spaces

Let’s celebrate intergenerational spaces (English)    Gadewch ni ddathlu canolfannau aml oedran (Welsh)  Celebramos los espacios intergeneracionales  (Spanish)

Come and join the growing movement in creating intergenerational spaces in our communities. Work, rest, or play, it’s more fun together.

Thursday 28th April - Theme - Let's inform our future

Let's inform our future  (English)  Gadewch i ni lywio ein dyfodol  (Welsh)  Informemos sobre nuestro futuro  (Spanish)

Bringing generations together isn't just a lovely thing to do, it's an exciting thing to do in order to reconnect our communities and tackle the challenges we all face.

Friday 29th April - Theme - Let's celbrate intergenerational solidarity

Let's celebrate intergenerational solidarity (English)  Gadewch i ni ddathlu undod rhwng y cenedlaethau (Welsh)  Celebremos la solidaridad intergeneracional  (Spanish)

Our connections need to be celebrated for the impact they have on our lives. On this day we will be celebrating those intergenerational connections that keep us going and how we can all support each other through intergenerational solidarity. Join us as we say yes to solidarity and no to ageism.

Saturday 30th April - Theme - Let's break down age barriers

Let's break down age barriers.  (English)  Gorchfygwn reystrau rhwng oedrannau.   (Welsh)  Rompsmos las barreras de la edad (Spanish)

Age is just a number; we have more in common with other generations than we think. Join us to explore challenging misconceptions about age.

Sunday 1st May - Theme - Thank you

Thank you  (English)  Diolch yn Fawr   (Welsh) Gracias (Spanish) 

Let's celebrate the week and recap on those magical and impactful moments and thoughts we don't want to forget.