Lead Contact for Scotland: Generations Working Together

Generations Working Together (GWT) is the nationally recognised centre of excellence supporting the development and integration of intergenerational work across Scotland. As well as leading the Executive Team, GWT will be organising the Scottish campaign during Global Intergenerational Week.

Please note this page will be continually updated with new events right up untill the campaign week itself. So far we have the following to share:

Monday 24th April

09.00 - 10.30 - Opening Ceremony

Join us at this session to celebrate the official first day of Global Intergenerational Week 2023! We’ll have live music, interactive activities, as well as information about the week and how you can get involved.
We’re excited to welcome all of our partners from: England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Israel, Singapore and Australia, who will all be sharing their plans for the week.10.00 - 1200 - Celebrating intergenerational learning in care homes

What is it about intergenerational learning that makes it fit so well within adult residential care? There are many benefits that come from embedding intergenerational activities into existing routines, rather than developing it as an additional piece of work; improved engagement for residents and staff, and sustainability are just two of them. This session will explore the benefits and challenges in taking this approach.

12.30 - 14.00 - Intergenerational Q&A

Join our Learning & Development Officer, Lorraine George for an open Q&A on intergenerational practice! Whether you are brand new and would like to learn about the fundamentals, or are more advanced and have specific queries, Lorraine will be free during this time to answer your questions. 

Tuesday 25th April

11.00 - 13.00 - Welsh Partnership Seminar

Join Wales' Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR) in exploring the need for effective and strategic intergenerational partnerships. Expect to hear from a range of experts and practitioners in the field.

Video Coming Soon...

1500 - 1630 - How can we apply an intergenerational approach to the workplace?

We are excited to announce that Dr. Megan Gerhardt from Gentelligence Academy will be leading this discussion during Global Intergenerational Week.
With five generations in the workplace for the first time, the need for employers to understand and capitalise on their intergenerational workforce is greater than ever and a growing number of employers are searching for ways in which to do this. Come and join the conversation as to how an intergenerational approach can be applied within the workplace, and the benefits that can come from this approach.

“You don’t change culture through emails and memos. You change it through relationships…one conversation at a time.”

Wednesday 26th April

10.00-16.00 - Intergenerational Workplace Training (Dundee)

Thursday 27th April 

15.00-16.30 - This is no marathon! Together we are travelling faster and further

To celebrate Global Intergenerational Week, three expert intergenerational leaders from Northern Ireland, England and Scotland come together with their new team project leads to share their journey and experiences.

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10.00-16.00 - Intergenerational Workplace Training (Aberdeen)

Friday 28th April 

12.00 - 14.00 - Scottish / Hungarian / Singaporian Mix and Mingle (postponed)

GWT will be joining up with Eotovos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary and the National University of Singapore, to arrange an online intergenerational Mix and Mingle. Students from different universities will mix with older adults, to share their experiences of intergenerational practice and will take part in a fun language activity. 

Saturday 29th April


Sunday 30th April

17.00 - 18.00 - Closing Ceremony

Join us as we close out the week by inviting an intergenerational Jazz/Blues ensemble to perform. We'll then hear from our European country leads and our partners from USA, Canada, and Mexico City, hearing about their week highlights, before rounding off for another year!