If you are planning any face-to-face or virtual events across Sweden, holding intergenerational discussions or announcing any exciting ideas and projects, please do get in touch. We will include your events along with your country lead's Generation Marianne on this page and share your news via our social media channels.

Thursday 28th April

Connecting Generations - 8.30 - 12noon (livestreaming until 11.00) (CEST - Sweden)

Generation Marianne will be hosting an event (both physical and virtual) on intergenerational practice, explaining its history and what it is, how we can build shared sites and what the benefits are. We will also raise awareness of ageism and how we can battle it by connecting our generations through meaningful and purposeful meetings, thus building trust and relationships.

To register please follow this  link  

The country lead from Sweden is Generation Marianne, which builds bridges between generations by connecting children and youth with seniors through meaningful and mutually beneficial activities. 

Their goal is to overcome ageist stereotypes and battle loneliness by creating connections and relationships between different generations.

By being country lead and thus part in the Global Intergenerational Week campaign, they wish to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of intergenerational practice and learning.

Visit their website to learn more.

Contact Suzanne Thorén by email to connect.