SupportersIf you are planning any face-to-face or virtual events, holding intergenerational discussions or announcing any exciting ideas and projects across Wales, please do get in touch. We will include your events along with GWT's on the Global Intergenerational Week Campaign page and share your news via social media channels. Here are some of the events taking place so far:

Monday 25th April 2022

  • Intergenerational Photo Competition 

On the first day of the week Dr. Catrin Hedd Jones (Bangor University), Michelle Lewis (Older People’s Commissioner Office), and Stephanie Green (Swansea University Ph.D. Researcher) are launching a Wales wide photo competition with CADR. We are calling all Intergenerational projects across Wales to submit their pictures and the pictures that are considered the best from our panel which includes all three commissioners and an MS from each political party will be showcased at the Welsh Senedd in September/October before traveling around Wales with the Wales National Museum.

  • Webinar: Let's Celebrate Intergenerational Research in the UK!  Postponed new date TBC asap

Presenters: Stephanie Green (Swansea University), Dr Catrin Hedd-Jones (Bangor University), Lois Peach (Bristol University), Mirain Llwyd Roberts (Cyngor Gwynedd)

As part of the first GLOBAL intergenerational week (April 25th-May 1st 2022) a group of Researchers from across Wales and England are showcasing previous and ongoing research in this increasingly important area of development. 

Intergenerational initiatives join together different generations for the benefit of all. This is an upcoming area particularly in social care in the UK and this webinar will focus on how far we have come in researching this area, and what more needs to be done. There will be discussion around the key elements for success and sustainability and how this can be translated into practice. Bring your lunch, all welcome! Registration information will be available shortly.

Wednesday 27th April 2022

  • Intergenerational Story Gathering with People Speak Up - 11.15 - 12.15 (GMT)

An online time and interactive space for all ages to come together with stories from the past so we can create stories for the future! Learn more about their work online. To join the event please email for your zoom link.

Thursday 28th April 2022

  • Sharing Skills and Intergenerational Repair Cafes - 10.00-11.00 am (GMT) - online

We will learn from various enterprises across Wales that are doing Intergenerational work within communities with repair cafes. The webinar will consist of three presentations about sharing skills between the generations and their projects. 

The Speakers include:

- Dr. Diane Boyd, Liverpool John Moores University - Diane will discuss her work in a Sharing Skills Intergenerational Cafe and will look at the sustainability element.

- Phoebe Brown, Repair Cafe Wales - Phoebe will talk about their Repair Cafes across Wales and the intergenerational and sustainable skill-sharing benefits.

- Mirain Llwyd Roberts, Bridging the Generations, Gwynedd Council - Mirain will discuss projects where they've been led by young teaching the older generations and the older generations teaching the young and how we've got so much to learn from each other.

Register for this exciting event online

Friday 29th April 2022

  • Let’s Celebrate Intergenerational Research 

Researchers from the UK share their recent findings within the Intergenerational field. Stephanie Green who’s a Ph.D. researcher will share her findings on developments and sustainability opportunities in Social Care settings in the UK. Dr. Catrin Hedd Jones at Bangor University will focus on the Hen Blant Bach TV programme and her work over the past years. Mirain Roberts, a Bridging the Generations Co-ordinator for Gwynedd Council will share her findings on challenges facing Intergenerational work and how she has implemented her findings over the past three years. Lois Peach from Bristol University will explore her findings around the Rebuilding Bridges programme which uses music to gently re-ignite in person Intergenerational practice from a safe distance as we emerge from multiple lockdowns in the South West of England.

Please revisit this page regularly for updates as more events will be promoted shortly. If you would like to share your events please send your details to the Welsh Lead Contact: Mirain Llwyd Roberts, Bridging the Generations

Mirain can be contacted via email.

Bridging the Generations (BTG) is a project within Gwynedd Council local authority in Wales which have been active in promoting Intergenerational work since 2018. Their projects vary from working with schools and care homes to building stronger communities across Gwynedd by challenging ageism and bringing people of all ages together. BTG has taken part in Intergenerational Week since its first year in 2020 and has been part of the Executive Team since 2021. They are excited for the year to go global – an opportunity to learn and share with partners across the globe!

If you are in Wales and planning any events, holding intergenerational discussions, or announcing any exciting ideas and projects in Wales, please do get in touch with Mirain.