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Join our campaign to draw together conversations which will widen and raise awareness around the field of intergenerational work. Our supporters will inspire individuals, volunteers, practitioners and organisations across the globe to be creative, inspirational and bold in furthering and creating new intergenerational connections. We also need your support to spread the word that the campaign in its third year is going global.

Show your support by registering to be a supporter, share your logo and agree to recognise, share and support the campaign online via social media and possibly if the pandemic allows face to face activity. It is free to sign up and as a result we shall add your organisation’s name or individuals names to our list of supporters shared on the website. 

We will agree to:

  • Showcase and share your intergenerational activities and successes via the website and social media
  • Provide graphics and ideas on how to get involved
  • Create hashtags and give a national page on the website devoted to the campaign
  • Share details of events, webinars and training sessions over the week
  • Share case studies from across the globe

You will agree to:

  • Share your company logo or message of support,
  • Highlight global intergenerational week on social media using the approved images which we will share.
  • Share your intergenerational stories during the campaign using the campaigns hashtag
  • Share #IGweek posts on social media 

Please sign up by completing the form below. By signing up you are agreeing to take part in the Global Intergenerational Week 2022.

For further details please contact Kate Samuels, Communications and Policy Officer. If you have any questions about the logo uploads or size, please email our Administration and Finance Officer, Denise Yap

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Data Protection: The information you supply will be held in the GWT database. Your information will not be passed to a third party without your consent, unless required to do so by law.