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Brief update from last network meeting on 27th Sept 2018 (see photo above)

Just home after a fantastic meeting in Brora. Great conversations. NHS Highland, project manager, Zen reported on the Caithness redesign plans which gave everyone an opportunity to discuss lots of intergenerational ideas for the new care hub villages. The ideas were great: intergenerational housing, befrienders, early years visits, a gardening project with an end result of a meal with the home grown vegetables and a community room. Will be great for Caithness. Loads of fantastic things happening around the table with a good mix of people. A few case studies will hopefully come from today too. Was delighted to have Cllr Nicola Sinclair from Caithness & Cllr Deirdre Mackay from Sutherland. Both are very passionate about their communities & intergenerational work. Deirdre is going to help get better reach in Sutherland.


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