Case Studies: 2014

Case studies 2014
  • Intergenerational Music Project

    The aim of this project was to introduce targeted pupils from Carrick Academy to residents of South Lodge Residential Home and give them the opportunity to sit down and have a discussion about the different types of music they listened to when they were younger.

  • Grandbuddies Project

    Discovering how many of our traits and characteristics are inherited from family.

  • International Women’s Day 2014

    The purpose of the project was to gather three generations of families together to celebrate their relationships and enjoy participating in a variety of activities including photography, yoga, bollywood dancing and arts n crafts.

  • Richer by Rationing

    To reduce waste by raising awareness of the environmental and economic impact of food waste

  • All Sorts: Games for All

    This project was to bring younger and older people together to share experiences of toys and games from childhood – whether that childhood was from the previous year or the previous century. Using this common ground the individuals would learn to appreciate the different points of view of a different generation.

  • Stories of paper-making in Linlithgow: intergenerational project

    This project aimed to explore the working and social life in Linlithgow connected with the local paper mills. The project also collected oral history records and photographs of mill life, which are now available to the wider community through West Lothian Local History Library.

  • New Spin Intergenerational Project

    This project is a continuation of our award winning New Spin Intergenerational project, which was first launched in 2010.

  • Strive Wellbeing – Intergenerational Project

    To develop volunteering services that support older people in care settings to remain socially and physically active to improve their wellbeing

  • Clark Community Choir

    The Clark Community Choir, “Generations Singing Together”.

  • Craft Cafe - Edinburgh

    Craft Café is a creative solution to reducing isolation and loneliness amongst older people aged 60+.

  • Making it Matters

    MAKLab and Westhill Men's Shed help younger and older people to share skills during the 2014 Luminate Festival.