Intergenerational Housing, Places and Spaces

Join GWT’s new network which will meet 3-4 times per year to share the latest information and resources from the field, facilitate peer learning, and grow the community of intergenerational housing, places and spaces.

There is increased interest in designing and building housing developments and communities with intergenerational elements being at its core whether its co housing, multigenerational housing, colocated/shared sites etc. Housing has been increasingly segregated between generations with many different types of specialist housing for older people and new housing being designed and marketed towards specific groups of people.

We spend a lot of our time in and around the immediate environments of where we live. These spaces have great opportunities for enabling purposeful and mutually beneficial intergenerational relationships to form which enhance our understanding and respect for people of different generations.

Everyone has unique experiences, skills and knowledge, the sharing of these can help us build more cohesive communities. Our plan is to invite a range of experts to offer an overview of ideas and share real examples of intergenerational housing and shared sites and how the future of looking at housing can change to fit everyone’s needs.

Future meetings

Intergenerational Places and Spaces in the Month of Communities Tuesday 7th June 2022, 2:30pm – 4:30pm

The session will talk and explore further the area of intergenerational places and spaces and what better time during month of communities when there is so much happening in our local spaces. Outdoor space can be an even greater asset when designed to connect generations rather than separate them. For example, hosting a workshop playing music, art or sport, having a lunch outdoors with people from different generations, growing together, learning together and there are some examples of places and spaces that people from our communities can use together taking in active play for people of all ages and having a mixture of multi-generational backgrounds connecting us.

Guest Speaker TBC.
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Intergenerational Housing, Places and Spaces are Inclusive Monday 19th September 2022, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Following through with the thematic session on places and spaces we will explore inclusive spaces and the difference that they can make to break down loneliness and social isolation. Intergenerational contact can be approached and promoted in our communities by rethinking existing spaces in our community. Whether that is co-location, co-programming or co-sharing they all work to facilitate meeting s across generational borders and bring people together to create intentional intergenerational activity and build relationships. This means that we could plan our communities by rethinking social and community and creating a more holistic approach serving diverse groups in a single location.

Guest speaker TBC.
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