Keeping the Big Lunch Spirit Alive

The Big Lunch and The Big Jubilee Lunch were absolute crackers this year with huge numbers of people taking part in community events, many for the first time. They offer six ideas to keep the momentum going.

“Generations Working Together hope that these ideas can act as a way of bringing generations together”

1.Send a Thank you note.
2. Connect on the next door network app.
3. Arrange a playing out session.
4. Spread a little kindness
5. Spread some cheer with chalk.
6. Arrange a neighbourly walk.

Click here to get more information on the 6 ideas

Here is an inspiring story Grow 73 in Rutherglen, Glasgow The Big Lunch has now become Grow 73’s signature event, with over 200 people getting together each year to enjoy music, food and a few hours spent enjoying the great outdoors.

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