A Year in Review

We cannot believe it is year three of this joint venture.
Have a read of the latest report on the impact of Food for Life Get Togethers in the End of Year Report a review of 12 months activities and achievements of the programme that brings people together through community food and growing activities.

Summary of activities, highlights and learning
In the report they highlight the huge growth in the activities developed in and with communities across the UK. We celebrate the stories of people and places who have flourished through the new My Food Community scheme and events like Cook and Share.

To date FFLGT has engaged 3,263 community organisers across the UK

…inspiring them to hold 1,885 food-based community activities
…and reaching almost 150,000 people.

We take a closer look at how we can continue to grow and adapt to support good food in the UK as we move into our final year, and build a legacy from Get Togethers that benefits all.

Watch the video of a community group in Stoke-on-Trent for a flavour of Get Togethers.