Age Scotland creates signposting database

The Scottish Government launched a media campaign aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of the COVID-19 virus among older people and the need to maintain social distancing measures. The campaign will feature the Age Scotland Helpline number – 0800 12 44 222 – and Website..

Please visit this if you need support and pass the Helpline number to your members and other older people who might benefit from the service. Many Age Scotland groups have shut and suspended their activity as per Scottish Government recommendations. Across Scotland a range of community effort is also underway to provide older and vulnerable people with shopping services, picking up medication, and offering keeping in touch calls. The development of vital new services of this kind is fast-paced and to ensure that the Age Scotland Helpline has current information on local services and support they need your help to keep our databases up to date.

If you, your group or organisation is providing any services for older people during this time and you are willing for Age Scotland to hold this information on their database, which can be accessed by Helpline advisers, please let them know. The following information is needed to be added to their database:

  • Name of Organisation:
  • Key Contact:
  • Local services that can be provided:
  • Locations covered:
  • How to signpost to your organisation: phone / email

Age Scotland’s Helpline will then use this information to match people to your service. They anticipate that people may call their helpline about the following topics; general information and advice, how to deal with losing job and income, how to get local support for shopping and collecting medicine
provision of medical support for those with COVID-19 symptoms, requests for telephone friendship chats.

Please send your information to Age Scotland directly by email so it can be added to the local databases. If you know of other local organisations that are open and can help, please pass on that information too.

26th March 2020