An interview with our new staff member Edel Roddy

Kate –‘What is your role at GWT and what does it involve?’

Edel – ‘My principle role in GWT is to work with the GWT team and collaborators in exploring ways in which resources for conversation and connection, developed in the Kinections project, may be useful within intergenerational projects. I will also be looking at how we can use an Appreciative Inquiry approach to collecting rich information about the value of intergenerational projects for all those involved in them.’

Kate –‘What are you looking forward to most in the role?’

Edel -‘It feels exciting to be part of an organisation that has such a wide reach across Scotland and solid connections with other international intergenerational initiatives. I am therefore looking forward to the learning I can gain from these connections, and to sharing practical resources that can be used across a wide range of settings.’

Kate –‘What did you do before joining GWT?’

Edel – ‘My original professional background is in nursing. Before joining GWT I worked at the University of the West of Scotland as a Research Fellow/Project Lead on the Kinections project.’

Kate –‘Since you started what has been the most interesting thing you have learned about intergenerational projects or GWT?’

Edel – ‘I have sensed a real desire within GWT to continue to explore and learn more about what helps intergenerational work to be at its best. I am very interested in how we gather stories of the rich relationships that are formed through intergenerational connections, in order to generate learning about what helps these relationships to form and thrive.’

Kate –‘How can people use current Kinnections resources?’

Edel – ‘All of the Kinections resources are freely available to access and download (where applicable) online under the ‘Resources’ and ‘Interactive Online Activities’ tabs.

Kate –‘How can people join in with your future webinars and events?’

Edel – ‘People can sign up online on our website now. We have sessions on the 24th of February for the afternoon and for the evening. We also have sessions on the 16th of March for the afternoon and for the evening.

Kate –‘How can people get in touch with you?’

Edel -‘I welcome people getting in touch with me through my email or on the phone on 07801293528. My usual working days are Mondays and Wednesdays.’