Dunbar Fashion School Winners

An interview with our Intergenerational Award Winner... Jacqui Burke from Intergenerational Fashion School Dunbar

Kate – “Congratulations on your win, what was your reaction?”

Jacqui – “We were delighted and extremely honored thank you so much!”

Kate – “Tell us a little bit about your project, when did it begin?”

Jacqui – “Our project started in April 2018, we brought together people of all ages and abilities, including school pupils and dementia groups, to work together, socialise, learn new skills and have fun! The participants all learned new skills such as Fashion Design, Pattern Construction, Cutting Room Practice, Machine Study, Garment Making and Showcasing their made to measure own unique designs in a Fashion Show.”

Kate – “What does it aim to achieve?”

Jacqui – “It aims to reduce loneliness and isolation, it breaks down the barriers of different generations, all learning from each other, sharing skills and respecting each other, building genuine friendships, socialising, and most of all have fun!”

Kate – “What has been the biggest challenge in doing this project?”

Jacqui – “Funding! At first Dunbar Area Partnership rejected our project, but we never gave up! We do lack funding application skills!”

Kate – “What has been your highlight?”

Jacqui – “You cannot put a price on the joy the project brings to people! There are many highlights every week people of all ages would say that the project has made such a difference to their lives. An amazing highlight was when Angela told us her dementia score improved by 10 points since joining our project! The biggest highlight was to see the participants strut their stuff at the GWT Conference, although very nervous, they all gained confidence, presenting their designs on the catwalk.”

Kate – “How did you find out about Generations Working Together?”

Jacqui – “Sue Northrop”

Kate – “What would you say to someone who would like to start a project, but is not sure where to begin?”

Jacqui – “Seek professional advice, believe in yourself and your project and if they reject you, never give up, this project really does make a difference to people`s lives.”

To find out more about the fashion school please see their website.

17th April 2019