Who won a GWT Excellence Award?

GWT’s award panel had a very tough job this year reading through the ever increasing bag of nominations.

As with everything this past year, our awards ceremony looked slightly different with the winners being announced online during the week of our virtual conference. Each of our winners however were interviewed and we are able to film a short story for you about their work. We hope you will enjoy hearing about their projects.

To view the films and read the list of winners please click here for the full details.

We would love to recognise all our nominations however don’t have the capacity however if any project nominated would like feedback please do get in touch with Bella Kerr (after Tuesday 16th March to allow us to catch up from the conference and #IntergenerationalWeek).

If you didn’t manage to nominate your work this year you may wish to look out for next year’s Awards which will be announced in the Autumn.