Calling All Care Homes

Traditionally, once a year, as part of their first year learning, students studying BA Speech and Language spend 2 sessions working with elderly adults within a care home setting.

Finding placements during Covid-19 has been challenging
There are currently 44 students who need the non-clinical informal care home experience, and the university are keen to get involved with care homes to do something virtual, that students can observe (eg; a social/communication group, exercise class or just anything that the care home team have arranged with older residents).They are hoping for groups of 10 students at a time, but can be flexible about the size of group and fit in with requirements of care homes. Each group is looking for 2 sessions / experiences (but will accept one experience if that is all the care home can do). The university will then bring all students together for a session to discuss their experiences. The placements will allow students to observe how people are connecting with care homes during covid-19.

The dates they have available are Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. If there is anyone who can help then we can discuss dates/times more. The university would be very grateful for any support with this and it would be so good for the students to get some sort of virtual experience with the care home sector.

Please feel free to contact Laurie Douglas if you think you can help in any way or you require more information. The above are only suggested ideas of how this might work and the university are happy to be flexible.