Care about Physical Activity (CAPA) Learning Event in Greenock

The event (which is hold for care at home and housing support services in the Inverclyde area who have been involved in the CAPA programme) will take place on Tuesday 15 May.

The Care Inspectorate has been commissioned by the Scottish Government to lead the Care…about physical activity (CAPA) improvement programme. Working with eight partnerships across Scotland, the programme has been running from April 2017 and will end in October 2018. The CAPA team have been building on the skills, knowledge and confidence of social care staff to enable those they care for to increase their levels of physical activity and move more often. Social care staff have also been discovering more ways to be more active themselves.

Part of the programme has included a series of learning events attracting around 500 care professionals and other partners from services involved across Scotland. The first round of learning events were held in summer 2017 where people learned about the programme and the ‘Plan, Do, Study, Act’ Improvement Model we would use. The second round were in November 2017. As well as finding out how care staff are implementing the ‘Plan, Do Study Act’ model to track and measure improvement work with people in their care, the events provided an opportunity to showcase good practice and share what’s working well in each partnership area, providing more encouragement and inspiration to keep everyone motivated.

As this is the final learning event, the focus will be on sustainability and encouraging services to use their own systems/frameworks to embed CAPA and ’moving more’ into daily living. This is an ideal opportunity to hear the success stories from the services involved in the CAPA programme. It will also be really valuable for services to make connections with local community networks to continue their improvement journeys.

To find out more information about the programme, please visit CAPA

8th May 2018