Cllr Christina Cannon brings intergenerational motion to Glasgow City Council

Full text of the motion is below –

By Councillor Christina Cannon:- 04.04.19

“Council notes that 2018 was the Year of Young People; was a cause for celebration; and congratulates all who supported and participated in programmes, projects and events. Council recognises that an aspect of this year was bringing together younger and older people.

Council considers that intergenerational work counteracts a tendency in society to segregate age groups, bringing positive dialogue and better quality of life for individuals and communities. Council believes that both groups have skills and experiences of considerable value to each other.
Council further believes that intergenerational work provides many opportunities for sharing experiences, skills, and co-learning and helps both generations feel more engaged, valued and empowered in their communities.

Council commits to building stronger social connections and develop intergenerational work in the City with the wider Glasgow Family and key stakeholders such as Generations Working Together.
Council calls upon the Chief Executive to build upon its commitments in the Age-Friendly Glasgow strategy, and, new Scottish Government “A Connected Scotland” strategy priorities, for tackling social isolation and loneliness.

Council instructs the Chief Executive to bring together a working group to explore how innovative and best intergenerational practices can be embedded in our policies and make them happen in our communities.”

4th April 2019