Community Knowledge Fund Research

The Community Knowledge Fund allowed Generations Working Together the time to explore community safety and looking at intergenerational solutions to bring generations together in our communities and test if doing so would alleviate perceived fear of crime. The funding was made available through the UKRI and administered by the Young Foundation

(GWT) are please to announce that the impact report detailing our short piece of exploratory research (6 months) from February to July 2023 is now complete. This impact report covers the 6 month (Feb- July 2023) participatory research, funded by the Community Knowledge Fund and initiated and facilitated by Generations Working Together (GWT). GWT wanted to know if forming intergenerational relationships would have an impact that may alleviate younger and older people’s perceived fear of crime and how intergenerational connections can play an important role in preventative action by reducing ageism, building empathy, and encouraging more social connections between people of all ages. GWT were interested in exploring communities and connectedness through an intergenerational lens ensuring that all voices (younger and older) are listened to. We hope that you will take the opportunity to read the results.

We offer our appreciation to the communities who took part in the research and the organisations who supported us on the journey

Here is the report

Watch this short film that offers a snap shot of some participants who took part in the research.