Congratulations to Citadel Youth Centre, Excellence Award Winners

Generations Working Together recently presented the 2022 Excellence Award for ‘Social Justice and Dignity’ to Citadel Youth Centre in Leith for their fantastic project, Citadel Love Stories. This award recognises projects that tackle adversity and promote fairness and human rights through intergenerational practice and relationships.

The project was a collaboration between Citadel Youth Centre and the University of Dundee. In the summer of 2021, a series of online workshops were held where people of different ages told their own stories about love, relationships, and inclusion. The youngest in the group were in their mid-teens, with the oldest in their early sixties, with everyone sharing their own lived experiences. Many of the storytellers identified as belonging on the LGBT2QI+ rainbow and the workshops offered a safe space to discuss a range of topics, often from non-heteronormative perspectives.

Once everyone shared their stories and provided their feedback to their peers, they worked on the final versions of their stories which were then transcribed and published in a colourful zine, which can be read here.

One of the participants said: ‘You can have a certain opinion of younger folk that comes across and it’s not always positive things you see in the media. The more young folk I meet the lovelier they seem to be, the more of a hope I have for the planet.’

Find out more about this fantastic intergenerational project by watching this short film.

Congratulations again to everyone involved in this fantastic project!