Creative Postcard Exchange UK wide

We are so excited to be reaching out to as many as possible, so we can help people make connections creatively from our Hebridean island communities to other communities all over the UK!

We will record each of the artworks digitally so that they may be part of a fantastic exhibition at the end of the project.We will also share all the lovely artwork on social media as the project progresses.

Step 1 Sign up!
Hooray! You should also have received your very own original art postcard from another participant in the Hebrides and a blank one for you to complete and return using the prepaid envelope!

Step 2 What happens next…
Feel free to add a message to your recipient.Perhaps you could tell your them a little about your artwork or what inspired you, maybe even a little about life where you are?[Please keep your personal information safe by only using either your first name or initials and only if you wish to do so. Please don’t include your personal details or address on the postcard]

Step 3 Get Creative
Now you’ve received your blank postcard you can get creative!Add your own drawing, painting, print, collage -whatever you like! You could make it a fun activity with the kids or other members of your household or simply have some’me-time’ with a nice cuppa.

Step 4 Say Hello!
Return your completed creative postcard using the pre-stamped, addressed envelope and we’ll send it to a recipient on your behalf. It’s as simple as that!We’d appreciate if you could please complete and return within 2 weeks of receiving your postcard, thanks:)

For more information on taking part and signing up email

All postcards to be returned to:Befriending Arts:
UK Creative Postcard Exchange Project Befriending Lewis & Harris
30 Francis Street