CyberScotland Week, 27th Feb – 5th Mar 2023

There are several events being hosted specifically for third sector such as:

SBRC are hitting the road and will be delivering a series of events for Public and Third sector organisations across the country. These events will focus on discussing some key cyber security topics you and your organisation or charity should be considering for 2023. Everything discussed will tie in with additional resources available and will help you fully utilise these within your own organisation or charity. We will have guest speakers at each event but the overall topics covered will be the same across the board. Each event will be in person giving everyone an excellent chance of networking with others working within Public and Third sector with an interest in cyber security.
Public and Third Sector Roadshow: Glasgow

You can Join for a 1-hour talk about cyber threats to charities of all kinds. Learn how to spot threats and how to protect your organisation. Charities are becoming a more common target for cybercriminals. There are many reasons why a charity will be targeted:
Cyber Threats to Charities

Cybercrime Harm Prevention Team will be delivering an online webinar to Age Scotland staff during which we will share good practice on how to keep safe online and protect your accounts by using a strong password.
Passwords and Personal Safety Online

For more details and booking visit CyberScotlands’s website