Eden Project's Winter Warmers

Eden Project Communities' latest research has shown that 21.7 million people are shrinking their Christmas social plans this year due to the high cost of living. Whilst we’re a friendly nation, the crisis is affecting our ability to make connections - and at a time that we need it most.

This is why they’ve put together a menu of ideas and free resources to help you make winter warmer in your community. 

The YouGov poll reports that spending time with others is top of our Christmas list, with 57% of people saying that socialising with others during the festive season is important to their wellbeing, outranking receiving presents and spending money on treating themselves.

So, if you fancy feeling more connected, why not say hello to neighbours with a Mince Hi, brighten darker days with advent windows or street light ups, or bring people together with a Big Lunch at Christmas?

They’ve got everything you need to make it happen. Plus, free winter warmer kits, complete with mince pies, to help 30 lucky communities get started!

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