Eden’s Festival of Discovery

What motivates people to get together over community food growing, cooking, eating and sharing activities? Why is participation in these activities uneven across geographical areas and social groups? What stops (some) people joining in and what can organisers do to support participation by diverse communities?

These questions are more important than ever with increasing food insecurity, social isolation and loneliness, and the resulting negative effects on peoples’ health and well-being. At the same time whilst there is a growing awareness of the challenges of structural and systemic inequalities, disproportionately affecting some social groups, there is less understanding about what can practicably be done to address them.

Join us to hear current research findings, from Coventry University and The Soil Association, on a multi-level approach to understanding the interplay of motivations, barriers and enablers of participation in community food activities by diverse communities

Read more here and come along and find out more.

Thanks hope to see you there!