GWT's Excellence Awards Winners 2023

Although our work is growing it is vital for everyone to raise awareness of the impact intergenerational relationships have on improving health, physical and mental well-being for older and younger people and on reducing loneliness and isolation.

Our Excellence Awards provide an opportunity for individuals and groups to celebrate their learning and success in building relationships between younger and older generations.

Congratulations to the following winners and highly commended projects nominated for this year’s Excellence Awards in Intergenerational Work.

Tackling Age Discrimination And Stereotypes
Generations Working Together recognises that connections between generations in the spaces and places around us is an essential part of our collective recovery. This award recognises projects that make creative use of spaces and places to connect generations in mutually beneficial relationships.

Building on Wider Knowledge
Generations Working Together recognises the value of intergenerational knowledge exchange in promoting lifelong learning and creating stronger communities. The Building on Wider Knowledge award celebrates projects that promote learning and development across different age groups, with a particular focus on enhancing the skills and knowledge of older people.

Encouraging Reciprocal Learning
Generations Working Together recognises that reciprocal learning is a vital part of creating meaningful intergenerational relationships. The Encouraging Reciprocal Learning award celebrates projects that foster a two-way exchange of knowledge and skills between different age groups.

Valuing Generational Diversity
Generations Working Together believes that valuing generational diversity is key to creating stronger and more inclusive communities. The Valuing Generational Diversity award recognises projects that actively promote intergenerational understanding and respect, and celebrate the unique contributions that different age groups can make.

Evaluating Impact
Generations Working Together understands the importance of evaluating the impact of intergenerational projects and initiatives in order to create evidence-based policies and programmes. The Evaluating Impact award recognises projects that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to evaluating the effectiveness of their work.

International Award
At Generations Working Together, we believe that intergenerational connection and collaboration can transcend borders and make a difference on a global scale. Our International award recognises projects and initiatives that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to promoting intergenerational connection