In person training opportunities

The easing of lockdown restrictions brings longed-for opportunities – to see people face to face at a safe distance and get back into ‘real space’ and back to work that we value. We know that the end of lockdown may be as difficult as the start was for us all. We hope that the next step is a good way of finding our way back, and to reconnect with life. And although things may not be the same as they were before we can work together to make the changes required to have a safe live face to face session. We recognise that all your situations are unique, and we have received requests from some of our network members to get back to face to face training we are hosting the in-person session on 16th November 2021, 10 am until 4pm at ‘The Barracks’ in Stirling

Everybody is facing uncertainty and challenge – and we have no choice but to move through it as best we can with our own coping mechanisms. We hope that this opportunity will suit the people who have expressed an interest in a more tactile hands-on approach, and we do realise that many people wish to have online training through zoom as they are not quite ready for the next stage of meeting up, and for this reason we have both choices available for participants.

Prior to any training sessions, Generations Working Together have ensured:
The training rooms allow for social distancing for the number of delegates attending plus the facilitator.
Handwashing and/or sanitising stations throughout the venue for delegates to use on arrival and during the day.

What we expect you to do
Our aim is to prevent the attendance of anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, is symptomatic, has recently been symptomatic or been in close contact with someone who has tested positive or is symptomatic.

Prior to attending a session, we ask that you:
Plan your journey carefully to avoid peak travels times on public transport and cycle, walk or drive where possible.
Bring any personal items that will make you feel more comfortable in the session e.g. a face covering, stationary, your own glass/bottle etc.

So if its for you and you are feeling like meeting up and taking part in the training register here to Book Your Place