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Free Road Safety Play

Better late than dead on time, provides a great topic for an intergenerational audience. especially if you are looking for an event to connect different generations for future projects.

Better Late Than Dead On Time

Dates are available to book between Monday the 25th February 2019 and Friday the 29th March 2019

Robert is just about to celebrate his 70th birthday, but there is someone missing from his life, and her absence makes the day ahead stretch out before him.

Miriam, Robert’s daughter, is a busy working mum who worries about her daughter Sinead getting to school on her own. This morning, she will have to take her there by car as they have overslept… again!

Sinead is due to give a presentation to the whole school and cannot be late. Mum needs to get to work on time too. Her son Aidan has left already and is walking to school, but is very distracted by the thought of meeting up with Sheryl later and is constantly checking his phone.

Will they all make it on time? How will Robert get through today? Find out what happens to this ordinary family on this extraordinary day!

Road Safety Scotland is part of Transport Scotland, the Scottish Government’s Transport Agency, and is the body responsible for the development of road safety education initiatives in Scotland. This Spring 2019, Road Safety Scotland is funding Baldy Bane Theatre Company tour a road safety drama resource for the whole community.

The stage play Better Late Than Dead on Time is aimed at all generations within communities and explores many issues and hazards to drivers and pedestrians such as; inexperienced drivers, problems of teenage drinking; parents rushing to get to school on time; reaction times of older drivers; inappropriate speed.

All topics are dealt with sensitively and are primarily presented in a humorous, but realistic way, to focus awareness and discussion in the audiences.

Baldy Bane is due to tour this new drama all over Scotland between Monday the 25th February 2019 and Friday the 29th March 2019. A wide variety of community groups have already taken up the offer to host the production in their local community venue and we would love to visit your community group too!

This production is FULLY FUNDED by Road Safety Scotland, who have commissioned Baldy Bane Theatre Company to provide FREE performances to community groups in Scotland.

For more information please contact the Baldy Bane office directly on 0141 632 0193 or email.

12th March 2019