GWT joins forces with the Soil Association

Food for Life has announced on the 24th of April 2019 that it’s “Get Togethers” will join forces with six national partners including Generations Working Together. The programme will work in some of Edinburgh’s most disadvantaged and ethnically diverse areas.

James Cashmore, Director of Food for Life, said “Good food has the power to change lives. Currently, UK families eat the most unhealthy “ultra-processed” food in Europe and a third of children leave primary school overweight or obese. Meanwhile, more than nine million people often or always feel lonely, and young and older people lack opportunities to bond. Food for Life Get Togethers builds on the existing work that Food for Life and the national partners have been carrying out to increase wellbeing in communities through the power of food. Thanks to National Lottery Players this project will change the way different generations connect through cooking healthy food and learning new skills, growing food and coming together.”

This project will be rooted in partnerships with groups of schools, early years providers and organisations supporting older people, Get Togethers will give people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to come together. During the four-year programme, there will be three main annual events organised by Food for Life to support activity in Edinburgh. Events will inspire healthy relationships between people, their food and one another. Communities will be able to grow, cook and eat together.

Please see the website of the project to learn more and follow our website and social media for project updates.

24th April 2019