Glasgow Life- Digital Learning 2022-23

We are all aware that digital services and activities have become an integral part of day to day living over the last two decades. Unfortunately the digital divide has deepened during the pandemic, and those not engaged with digital services are now more disadvantaged than ever before. Consequently, these people are increasingly excluded from many resources and opportunities which are now ‘online only’.

The Digital Learning Team (DLT) has launched a revised digital learning programme incorporating a more blended approach in terms of delivery and content and people can dip in and out of activities to suit their need. At the core of digital we have retained our free Getting Started programme, as well as adding many new activities.

Please find the new Digital Learning Portfolio for 2022-23 here

The larger document will also direct organisations and groups to make a client referral and gives a broader overview of our offer.

This flyer can be printed off or shared through social media platforms.

The Digital Volunteer Development Project offer is also still available and is accessible to all those volunteering and working within TSI organisations. Initially online, this also offers a blended learning model and classes are taking place within organisational/community venues. Sessions have been adapted for face to face learning and reflective of learner feedback.

Please share this opportunity with your oganisation and community.