Going for Gold 2018

World Walking is free to use. You use the steps you walk in the real world – no matter how few – to complete a virtual walking challenge to some of the most amazing places on Earth.

There is a CAPA group on the World Walking that has started “Going for Gold 2018” route as the group’s walking challenge. The “Going for Gold 2018” walk was created to celebrate the 2018 Commonwealth Games. It begins in Glasgow, host city of the 2014 Commonwealth Games and ends at Australia’s Gold Coast which is hosting the 2018 games.

The goal of this Scotland-wide CAPA walking challenge will be to walk 15,330 miles all the way to Australia.

Here is a brief summary of how care homes and others can take part for FREE:

1 Join World Walking by registering

If you’d like to take part simultaneously in “One Billion Steps for Health” challenge you can register instead and add the steps walked instead.

2 Join the CAPA group

3 Then start the group’s “Going for Gold 2018” walk by clicking on the “My Walks” tab on your World Walking menu. You’ll see that the group walk is available for you to join just by clicking it.

4 Add the steps walked to your account on World Walking (we call this ‘banking’ your steps) by clicking on the ‘add steps’ button.

You can add all the steps walked by the residents in your care home/service users under the name of your home/service by entering a display name when you create your World Walking account e.g. “Greenock Care Home”. All of the steps you add will then be shown as having been added under the displayed name you entered rather then you own name.

5 Spend the steps you’ve added to your ‘bank’ to help complete your group’s “Going for Gold 2018” walk by clicking on the ‘spend steps’ button.

If you have any questions please contact Duncan Galbraith

2nd February 2018