GWT's Excellence Awards 2022

Intergenerational Excellence Awards

Intergenerational relationships have an even more important contribution to make in the rebuilding of our communities. Although the approach is growing it is so important for everyone to raise awareness of the impact these intergenerational relationships have on improving health, physical and mental well-being for older and younger people and on reducing ageism.

Our Excellence Awards provide an opportunity for individuals and groups to celebrate their learning and success in building relationships between younger and older generations. This year's the awards are being announced at GWT's International Conference from Monday 7th to Thursday 10th March 2022.

Congratulations to the following winners and highly commended projects nominated for this year's Excellence Awards in Intergenerational Work. 

1. Creative use of space and place
Generations Working Together recognises that connections between generations in the spaces and places around us is an essential part of our collective recovery from Covid-19.
This award recognises projects that make creative use of spaces and places to connect generations in mutually beneficial relationships. This might be in built or natural environments, community or workplace.

Winner: Poetic Pathways

Highly Commended: Stroll in the Park with Springfield Primary

2. Creative use of technologies
Generations Working Together recognises that technology is now, more than ever, a significant part of connecting and improving lives and relationships. This award recognises projects that have embraced diverse technologies and used them creatively to connect all ages together in mutually beneficial activities and intergenerational relationships. This could be across sectors, communities and care environments.

Winner: Community Chorus Online

Highly Commended: Welly Walkers Wednesday Singalong

3. Enabling inclusive communities
Generations Working Together recognises that intergenerational connection requires inclusion and respect for differences in identity and lived experience. This award recognises projects and initiatives that have made particular efforts to challenge ageism and promote age-friendly diversity and inclusion in communities.

Winner: Young people at the heart of our intergenerational work

Highly commended: Menzieshill House & Tagsa Uibhis Community Gardens

4. Social justice and dignity
Generational Working Together is committed to supporting intergenerational initiatives that ensure older and younger people are not held back by age-related barriers, discrimination or prejudice. This award recognises projects that tackle adversity and promote fairness and human rights through intergenerational practice and relationships.

Winner: Citadel Love Stories

5. Tackling climate change
Generations Working Together recognises that we cannot fight climate change alone and that all generations must work together to make a difference. This is a new award created during COP26 in order to encourage intergenerational solidarity to tackle climate change. The award is open for projects and initiatives that connect generations through green activities such as community gardening, green initiatives in local communities and campaigning.

Winner: Edinburgh Garden Partners

Highly Commended: Sewing2gether all nations

Congratulations again to all our nominations shortlisted above. The awards programme will reopen for 2023 nominations in the autumn.